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    Please see the new PS&E Certification Questions and Answers FAQ Sheet
    Posted: May 20, 2014

    How do I transfer my certification from other states to Illinois?

    The State of Illinois does not grant automatic certificate reciprocity. All courses must be reviewed to establish if the course(s) satisfy a minimum of 80% of the required Illinois objectives for a level of certification once an individual is employed by an Illinois fire department. The review is based on submission of the course documentation, i.e. course syllabi, training documentation, proof of course completion and a completed equivalency checklist with a money order or certified check for $100.00. The Authority having Jurisdiction is allowed to review and accept legal responsibility for the training for Firefighter II and III, but all other courses must be reviewed by Office staff. If a course is granted equivalency, the individual is allowed one attempt of the State Written and Practical examinations. If passed, certification will be awarded. If unsuccessful, the individual must pass an approved Illinois course prior to re-testing.

    I am interested in moving to another state, are my certifications transferable?

    You will need to check with the other entity to check their requirements. We do suggest that you obtain and keep copies of your own training records indicating the number of hours you have trained for the various levels and copies of completion certificates or transcripts for schools you have attended.

    When should the Application for Certification/Validation/Attestation be mailed?

    Please do not send the application until after you have received your exam results.

    What other paperwork must I mail with the Application for Certification/Validation/Attestation?

    Please mail copies of any transcripts, course completion certificates, or official paperwork showing where and when you attended the class. If submitted with the application, your certification will not be held or returned requesting the course completion until the official roster from the department/school has been received and processed.

    What paperwork is needed to apply for Fire Apparatus Engineer certification?

    In addition to the Application for Certification/Validation/Attestation form, the Driving Validation form must be submitted.

    My original certificate has been lost or destroyed. How do I request a replacement certificate?

    The employing fire department may request a duplicate certificate by writing, faxing or emailing a request to the division with the individual's name, social security number and level(s) of certification that the duplicate certificate is require for. The duplicate will be forwarded to the employing department.

    I cannot be certified as a Firefighter III until I have 3 years in the fire service. Will my Certificate automatically be sent out to my Chief?

    Due to the volume of fire departments and individuals that our office serves it would be best to have your Chief or Training Officer notify us in writing when you have attained your three years.

    Does OSFM handle EMT certification?

    No, EMT certification is handled by the Illinois Department of Public Health. They may be contacted at 217/785-2080.

    How long is my practical exam valid?

    All practical exams are valid for one year, with the exception of Firefighter II & III. Firefighter II & III are valid up to five years.