Operator Training Providers

Current approved training providers are listed at our Operator Training Provider List.  The 5 year approval period is currently extended until a new deadline is set so that courses can be revised and resubmitted for approval that are in accordance with the updated state regulation (the result of the revised 40 CFR Part 280 EPA regulations released in 2015).

If you have any further questions you can contact the Division of Petroleum and Chemical Safety by phone at 217-557-3131, or by Email

Notice of Violation (NOV)

A new Notice of Violation (NOV) for specific Operator Certification deficiencies will be written beginning Friday, April 1, 2016. Instead of the 60 day compliance period allowed for correcting violations, this new Operator Certification NOV will lead to immediate red tagging of USTs at the facility when any of the listed violations are found. immediate red tagging will only be done when the Operator Certification NOV is issued. UST NOVs will continue to have a 60 day compliance period.

2005 Federal Energy Act Requirements Now in Effect in Illinois

As of August 8, 2012, changes to UST regulations based on requirements in the 2005 Energy Act federal legislation are in effect. New requirements affecting owners/operators of UST sites are in each paragraph:

A, B and C Operators must be trained and certified, using Illinois OSFM approved training vendors. These vendors are listed at Operator Training Provider List. Failure to comply with this requirement constitutes a violation of OSFM regulations and will result in a Notice Of Violation. Copies of operator certificates must be kept at the facility and be available to OSFM inspectors within 30 minutes of requesting the reports. Facilities can list their Operators on our form: List of Designated Class A/B & C Operators Form.

A/B operators assigned to facilities must complete Quarterly Equipment Inspection Checklist Reports. The OSFM report form is at Quarterly Equipment Inspection Checklist/Operation & Maintenance Guidelines Form. This report must be done quarterly, and eventually reports for 2 years must be on site or be made available to OSFM inspectors within 30 minutes.

A/B operators assigned to a facility, in conjunction with the facility's owners, must create a facility-specific Operations and Maintenance Plan, signed off on by both the A/B operator and the owner, updated as changes to the facility warrant, and kept for the life of the facility. The Operations and Maintenance Plan must be available to OSFM inspectors within 30 minutes of requesting the document during an inspection of the facility. The Plan must contain these 3 components:

  1. A detailed plan showing what inspections, operations, testing, maintenance and record keeping shall be done on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis in accordance with OSFM rules.
  2. A description of the manner in which UST facility owners and operators properly dispose of any regulated substances collected or cleaned up at the facility, including any water or soil removed from any part of the UST when there is any indication it might be contaminated with a regulated substance.
  3. The facility's Emergency Response Procedures including:

See our PDF forms for the Operations and Maintenance Plan Form, O&M Parts 1&2 Updated 7-29-13 and the Emergency Response Procedures Form, O&M Part 3.

At a manned facility, a Class A, Class B or Class C Operator must be onsite at all times. For unmanned facilities, emergency contact information for Class A, B and C Operators, including names and telephone numbers, shall be conspicuously posted at the facility unless a toll-free number for 24 hour dispatch to the facility is prominently displayed at the facility.

Additional questions can be directed to OSFM inspectors during their facility inspections, or by calling our Springfield office at (217) 785-1020 and asking for the Petroleum & Chemical Safety Division.

Final Adoption of Illinois UST Regulations

Links to Forms to Assist with New Regulations