The Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal (OSFM) is committed to and values diversity among Agency staff.

Diversity refers to the specific traits and characteristics that make people unique, such as race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. 

Inclusion involves empowering and encouraging those classified as diverse to work together in a collaborative way to further the organizations mission. 

Equality means every individual has an equal opportunity to live prosperous lives and advance their skill sets. 

The OSFM sees diversity as a strength, and inclusion as a way to leverage that strength into action. A diverse agency will help bring different ideas to the table and further and strengthen the mission of the agency. The OSFM encourages our partners to embark on this journey and evaluate their organizations DEI efforts. Establishing a working group helps to build trust amongst diverse groups and will strengthen organizations as more voices, ideas and collaborative efforts are embraced.

OSFM DEI External Outreach Packet Fall 2021