Autism Awareness Course

The Office of the State Fire Marshal, in partnership with the Illinois Fire Service Institute, introduces a new training program for firefighters and emergency medical services (EMS) personnel to help better protect individuals with autism spectrum and related disorders. The program entitled "Autism Spectrum and Similar Disorders in Emergency Situations" is available at no cost and can be taken by individuals or in a group setting. Designed to help fire and EMS personnel recognize autism during an emergency response, the training focuses on communication techniques to keep both the firefighter and individual safe. The program was developed by staff at the Illinois Fire Service Institute in consultation with various experts and publications from across the United States. The program provides an awareness-level introduction to firefighters and emergency medical personnel who may encounter autistic individuals in both low stress and high stress/high risk situations.

We strongly encourage your department to take this free training to better prepare your emergency responders. Please see the link below for the On-line Course.