NFIRS Support and Guides

An online NFIRS training course is available at

The NFIRS 5.0 Complete Reference Guide and other information on how to complete NFIRS reports is available at

NFIRS Users must log on to their account at least once within 45 days in order to avoid lock-out. Below is a calendar that helps track days in the system, as well as usernames and passwords: 

NFIRS Calendar 2018 


NFIRS Cheat Sheets

This is a quick reference guide to coding incident reports as well as answers to the most commonly answered questions:

Illinois NFIRS Requirements and Tips

This guide includes Illinois NFIRS legislation requirements, as well as helpful tips when entering reports:

Online NFIRS Incident Reporting– DEBI Guide

Below are instructions on how to report online using the Data Entry Browser Interface (DEBI):

Summary Output Reports Tool Basic Guide

The Summary Output Reports Tool (SORT) is an excellent way to view statistics from reported incidents. SORT reports can also be used to show how many incident reports a department has in the NFIRS system at any given time. With almost two dozen reports to choose from, virtually any data a department enters into the NFIRS system can be recovered in easy to read and understand reports. SORT reports are a great way to show a department’s hard work. Please click below for instructions:

No Activity Report Instructions

Below are instructions on how to enter No Activity Reports. A No Activity Report must be completed for any month a department has absolutely no incidents (including cancelled in routes):

NFIRS Error Procedures Documents

Below are documents which outline how to search for and correct invalid incidents: