DoD Current Equivalency Policy

  • The OSFM certification program in the State of Illinois is voluntary.

  • By our statute and rules, an individual must be employed on an Illinois Fire Department to participate with the certification program.

  • We do not have direct reciprocity for any certification. We are also not affiliated with ProBoard nor IFSAC.

  • Once an individual is employed on an Illinois fire department, they must submit a letter requesting course equivalency.

  • Attached with the letter, include copies of DOD certificates with IFSAC seal and specific NFPA Standard. (Course equivalency is granted if the courses are NFPA compliant for the specific standard that references an Illinois certification).

  • In order to ensure competency, the individual will then have a one–time chance to pass our state written and state practical examinations. 

  • If passed on the first attempt and all prerequisites are met, the individual will then be eligible for certification.

  • If the individual fails either exam on the first attempt, the equivalency is voided and they must successfully complete an Illinois approved course prior to certification.