Proposed Rule Changes

Office of the State Fire Marshal proposes new rules to update Small Equipment Grants

Small Equipment Grants Program
Rules being proposed by OSFM will update and clarify the regulations contained in 41 Illinois Administrative Code Part 291 regarding the application, review and awards of grants under the OSFM Small Equipment Grant Program.  Subject to the availability of appropriated funds, the Small Equipment Grant Program provides assistance to Fire Departments and not-for-profit Ambulance Services by providing financial assistance for the purchase of necessary small equipment.  The proposed rules include the addition of specific provisions for grants to Ambulance Services, grant application prescreening by OSFM, and advance payment for the purchase of equipment pursuant to approved grants.  In addition, these proposed rules also remove the provision of priority points assigned to grant applications based upon the order they were received by OSFM.  OSFM will be accepting comments during the 45 day public comment period from March 31, 2017 through May 16, 2017.  Comments may be sent to:

Office of the State Fire Marshal, Division of Legal Counsel
Attn: Cindy Baum
1035 Stevenson Drive
Springfield, IL 62703