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Modification Plans, Consolidation Plans or Waivers must be submitted via email using the button below.

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Request to Speak

​​​​​​​​Comments or request to speak at a scheduled hearing which are in response to any plans, waiver or technical review must be submitted no less than 5 days prior to the hearing date by email or mail to:

Illinois State Police 
Statewide 9-1-1 Bureau, 300-S
801 South 7th Street
Springfield, IL 62703

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 Submitted Plans

911 SystemConsolidation Plans/WaiversDate ReceivedALJ Hearing Date and TimeReviews, Recommendations, and Decisions
West Central Consolidated Comm. Consol. (Brookfield, Riverside, North Riverside, McCook)pdf WestCentral.pdf4/28/20177/27/2017 10:45 AMSupplemental Documents for West Central Consolidated Comm. Consol. (Brookfield, Riverside, North Riverside, McCook)
West Suburban Consolidated Dispatch Consol. (Elmwood Park, Forest Park, Oak Park, Park Ridge, River Forest)pdf WestSuburban.pdf5/31/20177/27/2017 10:45 AMSupplemental Documents for West Suburban Consolidated Dispatch Consol. (Elmwood Park, Forest Park, Oak Park, Park Ridge, River Forest)
Wheeling Consol. (Des Plaines)pdf Wheeling_Des Plaines.pdf8/1/20179/29/2017 10:00 AMSupplemental Documents for Wheeling Consol. (Des Plaines)
Williamson County Consol. pdf Williamson County.pdf6/28/2017Supplemental Documents for Williamson County Consol.
Fayette County Initialpdf Fayette_InitialPlan.pdf3/31/2017Supplemental Documents for Fayette County Initial
Forest View Waiver Remandpdf ForestView_Remand.pdf6/30/2017Supplemental Documents for Forest View Waiver Remand
Glenview Consol. (GKNW-Glencoe, Kenilworth, Northfield, Winnetka)pdf Glenview_GKNW.pdf3/2/20175/5/2017 10:15 AMSupplemental Documents for Glenview Consol. (GKNW-Glencoe, Kenilworth, Northfield, Winnetka)
Kane County Mod.pdf Kane County.pdf8/30/2017Supplemental Documents for Kane County Mod.
Kane County Consol. (South Elgin)pdf Kane_South Elgin.pdf2/28/20175/5/2017 11:00 AMSupplemental Documents for Kane County Consol. (South Elgin)
Municipal Consolidated Dispatch - MCD Consol. (Harwood Heights, Norridge and Schiller Park)pdf MCD.pdf1/30/20173/10/2017 10:00 AMSupplemental Documents for Municipal Consolidated Dispatch - MCD Consol. (Harwood Heights, Norridge and Schiller Park)
Merrionette Park Waiverpdf MerrionettePark.pdf7/1/20178/11/2017 10:15 AMSupplemental Documents for Merrionette Park Waiver
Mid-South Comm Consol. (Lyons, Justice, Willow Springs)pdf Mid-South Comm ETSB.pdf7/3/20178/11/2017 10:00 AMSupplemental Documents for Mid-South Comm Consol. (Lyons, Justice, Willow Springs)
Naperville Mod.pdf Naperville.pdf8/30/2017Supplemental Documents for Naperville Mod.
North Chicago Mod.pdf North Chicago_Mod.pdf1/24/2017Supplemental Documents for North Chicago Mod.
Northeast Lake County Consol. (Gurnee/Zion)pdf Northeast Lake Co.pdf2/27/20175/5/2017 10:30 AMSupplemental Documents for Northeast Lake County Consol. (Gurnee/Zion)
Skokie Communications Center Consol. (Lincolnwood)pdf Skokie_Lincolnwood.pdf2/28/20175/15/2017 10:00 AMSupplemental Documents for Skokie Communications Center Consol. (Lincolnwood)
Effingham County Mod.pdf Effingham Mod.pdf10/11/2017Supplemental Documents for Effingham County Mod.
Kendall County Mod2pdf Kendall County Mod2_Backup.pdf12/6/2017Supplemental Documents for Kendall County Mod2
Lansing ETSB Mod.pdf Lansing Mod_Backup PSAP.pdf11/27/2017Supplemental Documents for Lansing ETSB Mod.
Montgomery County 911 Mod.pdf Montgomery County_Mod.pdf10/31/2017Supplemental Documents for Montgomery County 911 Mod.
Oak Lawn Regional Emergency Communications (Alsip) Consol.pdf Oak Lawn_Alsip.pdf11/21/20171/12/2018 11:00 AMSupplemental Documents for Oak Lawn Regional Emergency Communications (Alsip) Consol.
Vernon Hills Consol. (Libertyville, Lincolnshire)pdf VernonHills.pdf2/28/20175/5/2017 10:00 AMSupplemental Documents for Vernon Hills Consol. (Libertyville, Lincolnshire)
Tazewell County ETSB Consol.pdf Tazewell County.pdf12/28/2017Supplemental Documents for Tazewell County ETSB Consol.
Jasper County Mod.pdf Jasper County Mod_Redacted.pdf1/24/2018Supplemental Documents for Jasper County Mod.
Tinley Park Modificationpdf Tinley Park_Backup Modification.pdf1/23/2018Supplemental Documents for Tinley Park Modification
Southwest Central_Modpdf Southwest Central_Mod.pdf2/13/2018Supplemental Documents for Southwest Central_Mod
Will County_Backup_Modpdf Will County_Backup_ Mod.pdf2/28/2018Supplemental Documents for Will County_Backup_Mod
Macon County Mod. Planpdf Macon County_Mod.pdf3/15/2018Supplemental Documents for Macon County Mod. Plan
Mercer County Modificationpdf Mercer County_Mod.pdf4/24/2018Supplemental Documents for Mercer County Modification
Peoria County Modpdf Peoria County Mod.pdf5/9/2018Supplemental Documents for Peoria County Mod
CERC of Cook Cty (Cicero_Stickney) Consol Planpdf CERC of Cook Cty (Cicero_Stickney).pdf5/31/20188/10/2018 10:00 AMSupplemental Documents for CERC of Cook Cty (Cicero_Stickney) Consol Plan
Proviso Leyden_Stone Park opt in_modpdf Proviso_Stone Park opt in_mod.pdf6/7/2018Supplemental Documents for Proviso Leyden_Stone Park opt in_mod
Cook County_Stone Park optout_modpdf Cook County_Stone Park optout_mod.pdf6/7/2018Supplemental Documents for Cook County_Stone Park optout_mod
Mundelein_Winthrop Harbor consol.pdf Mundelein_Winthrop Harbor consol.pdf8/7/20189/18/2018 10:30 AMSupplemental Documents for Mundelein_Winthrop Harbor consol.
Cumberland County Modpdf Cumberland County Mod_Redacted.pdf8/7/2018Supplemental Documents for Cumberland County Mod
Madison County_Backup Modpdf Madison County_Backup Mod.pdf9/26/2018Supplemental Documents for Madison County_Backup Mod
Warren County Modpdf Warren County_Backup_Mod.pdf12/6/2018Supplemental Documents for Warren County Mod
Knox County opt-out Modpdf Knox County Mod 18-M-227.pdf12/12/2018Supplemental Documents for Knox County opt-out Mod
Mercer County opt-in Modpdf Mercer County_Mod 18-M-229.pdf12/13/2018Supplemental Documents for Mercer County opt-in Mod
Saline_Gallatin County Consolpdf Saline_Gallatin County Consol_ SSPChange.pdf12/14/20181/25/2019 10:00 AMSupplemental Documents for Saline_Gallatin County Consol
Johnson_Pope_Hardin County Consol.pdf Johnson_Pope_Hardin County Consolidation_SSP Change.pdf12/17/20181/25/2019 10:30 AMSupplemental Documents for Johnson_Pope_Hardin County Consol.
Union_Alexander County Consolpdf Union_Alexander County Consol_SSP Change.pdf11/27/20181/25/2019 11:00 AMSupplemental Documents for Union_Alexander County Consol
Effingham County Mod_PSAP Movepdf Effingham Mod_PSAP Move.pdf1/22/2019Supplemental Documents for Effingham County Mod_PSAP Move
Jackson County Mod_SSP Changepdf Jackson County Mod_SSP Change 19-M-235.pdf2/1/2019Supplemental Documents for Jackson County Mod_SSP Change
Williamson County Mod_SSP Change pdf Williamson County Mod_SSP Change 19-M-234.pdf2/1/2019Supplemental Documents for Williamson County Mod_SSP Change
White County Mod_SSP Changepdf White County Mod_SSP change 19-M-233.pdf2/1/2019Supplemental Documents for White County Mod_SSP Change
Wabash County Mod_SSP Changepdf Wabash County Mod_SSP Change 19-M-239.pdf2/1/2019Supplemental Documents for Wabash County Mod_SSP Change
Perry County Mod_SSP Changepdf Perry County Mod_SSP Change 19-M-238.pdf2/1/2019Supplemental Documents for Perry County Mod_SSP Change
Pulaski County Mod_SSP Changepdf Pulaski County Mod_SSP Change 19-M-237.pdf2/1/2019Supplemental Documents for Pulaski County Mod_SSP Change
Richland County Mod_SSP Changepdf Richland County Mod_SSP Change 19-M-24.pdf2/6/2019Supplemental Documents for Richland County Mod_SSP Change
DeKalb County Consol.pdf DeKalb County Consol.pdf2/11/2019Supplemental Documents for DeKalb County Consol.
Forest View_Backup Change Modpdf Forest View_Backup Change Mod 19-M-244.pdf2/27/2019Supplemental Documents for Forest View_Backup Change Mod
Cook County_Indian Head _optin_Modpdf Cook County_Indian Head _optin_Mod.pdf3/14/2019Supplemental Documents for Cook County_Indian Head _optin_Mod
Southwes Central_Indian Head optoutpdf Southwest Central_Indian Head optout_Mod.pdf3/15/2019Supplemental Documents for Southwes Central_Indian Head optout
Deerfield_Bannockburn_Lincolnshire_consolpdf Deerfield_Bannockburn_Lincolnshire_consol.pdf4/2/20195/23/2019 9:30 AMSupplemental Documents for Deerfield_Bannockburn_Lincolnshire_consol
Vernon Hills_Lincolnshire optout_modpdf Vernon Hills_Lincolnshire optout_mod.pdf4/2/2019Supplemental Documents for Vernon Hills_Lincolnshire optout_mod
South West Cook County Consol.pdf South West Cook County 19-C-243.pdf5/6/2019Supplemental Documents for South West Cook County Consol.
Proviso_Westchester optout_Modpdf Proviso_Westchester optout_Mod.pdf6/17/2019Supplemental Documents for Proviso_Westchester optout_Mod
Wheeling_Des Plaines_backup_Modpdf Wheeling_DesPlaines19-M-251_backup_Mod.pdf7/24/2019Supplemental Documents for Wheeling_Des Plaines_backup_Mod
Joint Central Lake County_North Chicago_Modpdf Joint Central Lake County_North Chicago_Mod 19-M-249.pdf7/25/2019Supplemental Documents for Joint Central Lake County_North Chicago_Mod
Cook County ETSB_Hometown opt in Modpdf Cook County ETSB_Hometown opt in_mod.pdf8/27/2019Supplemental Documents for Cook County ETSB_Hometown opt in Mod
Des Plaines Valley ETSB_Hometown Opt Out Modpdf DesPlainesValleyETSB_HometownOptOut_Mod.pdf8/27/2019Supplemental Documents for Des Plaines Valley ETSB_Hometown Opt Out Mod
South West Cook County Consol. (revised)pdf South West Cook County 19-C-243 (rev 9-3-19).pdf9/3/2019Supplemental Documents for South West Cook County Consol. (revised)
Proviso Leyden_Rosemont Consolpdf Proviso Leyden_Rosemont Consol 19-C-255.pdf9/30/201911/13/2019 2:00 PMSupplemental Documents for Proviso Leyden_Rosemont Consol
Madison County Consol_19-C-254 (rev 10-24-19)pdf Madison County Consol_19-C-254 (rev 10-24-19).pdf10/24/201910/28/2019 10:15 AMSupplemental Documents for Madison County Consol_19-C-254 (rev 10-24-19)
DeKalb County NG911_Mod_19-M-256pdf DeKalb County NG911 Mod_19-M-256.pdf12/19/2019Supplemental Documents for DeKalb County NG911_Mod_19-M-256
Ogle County NG911 Mod_20-M-257pdf Ogle County NG911 Mod_20-M-257.pdf1/15/2020Supplemental Documents for Ogle County NG911 Mod_20-M-257
Order of the Statewide Administratorpdf Madison County 19-C-254_ADM.pdf11/20/201910/28/2019 10:00 AMSupplemental Documents for Order of the Statewide Administrator
Warren County NG911/SSP Change_Modpdf Warren County_NG911_ SSP Change_Mod 20-M-258.pdf3/26/2020Supplemental Documents for Warren County NG911/SSP Change_Mod
Whiteside County_NG911 Mod_20-M-260pdf Whiteside County_NG911 Mod_20-M-260.pdf3/31/2020Supplemental Documents for Whiteside County_NG911 Mod_20-M-260
Boone County_NG911/SSP Changepdf Boone County_NG911 SSP Change_Mod _20-M259.pdf3/26/2020Supplemental Documents for Boone County_NG911/SSP Change