Annual Reports

`​By January 31, 2018, and every January 31 thereafter, each emergency telephone system board, qualified governmental entity, or unit of local government receiving surcharge money pursuant to Section 15.3, 15.3a, or 30 shall report to the Department audited financial statements showing total revenue and expenditures for the period beginning with the end of the period covered by the last submitted report through the end of the previous calendar year previous fiscal year in a form and manner as prescribed by the Department.

Submitting Data


Submit 911 Annual Financial Report (AFR)​

Before submitting your report, make sure that you have the password and user name. Once the AFR form is completed, save it as an Excel file as prescribed in the instructions. All required fields must be completed or the file will be rejected by the system, and an error message will be generated and sent to the email address provided on the Authority tab.

When submitting your AFR Report, please submit two separate filings:

  1. Excel File - Completed AFR Form.
  2. PDF File - Supplemental Scanned Documents.

Both file names for submission should start with 911AFR (space) then the system name then calendar year of the filing (for example, 911AFR SangamonCounty2018.xls and 911AFR SangamonCounty2018.pdf). The supplemental documents that will need to be filed with the AFR Report, (i.e., financial verification form, continuing call handling agreements, network diagram) must be scanned together and saved as one PDF file.  

Attorney General Filing Reminder 

911 Authorities must still file their Annual Notification of Continuing Agreements with the Attorney General's Office as done in prior years at:

Attorney General's Office Attn:  9-1-1 Files, 500 S. Second Street, Springfield, IL 62706 


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