Promotional Opportunities (Including Upward Mobility Program)

Current State of Illinois employees may apply for promotional grades through the Department of Central Management Services, Division of Examining and Counseling. Promotional grades are available for most titles under the jurisdiction of the Illinois Personnel Code.

  • Who is eligible for a promotional grade?
    • To be considered eligible for a promotional grade, a current employee must hold or have held certified status in their most recent continuous service, or be in a trainee title and promoting to their targeted title. Certified status is defined as the successful completion of an original probationary period or promotional probationary period in a position under the jurisdiction of the Illinois Personnel Code.

    • If you are in a trainee program with a specified targeted promotional title and have not held certified status in another state position title, you may only submit a promotional application with your targeted title specified. Any promotional applications received for titles other than your targeted promotional title will not be processed.

    • State of Illinois employees currently employed in positions that are not covered under the jurisdiction of our Merit System cannot submit CMS-100B promotional applications to the CMS Division of Examining & Counseling. Any promotional applications received from employees covered under a different merit system will not be processed.

  • How does an employee verify that they have achieved certified status?
    • Questions about an employee’s status should be directed to the employee’s personnel office.
  • How does an employee apply for a promotional grade?
    • Promotional applications (CMS-100B) are available for downloading. A separate application is usually required for each title and option for which you are applying.

    • Once completed, the application should be sent to:

        Central Management Services
        Division of Examining and Counseling
        401 South Spring Street
        Stratton Office Building, Room 500
        Springfield, Illinois 62706
    • Promotional applications may not be submitted electronically to CMS at this time.

  • How does an employee bid on a job after receiving a promotional grade?
    • A Bid Form will need to be completed and submitted to the hiring agency along with a copy of an online or CMS-100 employment application. Agency contact information for specific vacancies is located on the job posting notices which are posted on bulletin boards at the applicable worksites and may be accessed through the electronic Job Posting System.
  • What are the procedures for promotional opportunities for participants of the Upward Mobility Program and who is eligible to participate?
    • The State of Illinois Upward Mobility Program is a career mobility program designed to give state employees an opportunity to advance to more challenging, higher paying positions. It is a joint venture between CMS and AFSCME. For more information on eligibility and promotional opportunities, visit the Upward Mobility Website.
  • How long are promotional grades valid?
    • Promotional grades are valid for 6 years unless the employee accepts a promotion during that time period. At the time of promotion, the employee is removed from the promotional list for that title as well as any titles in a parallel or lower rank than the position the employee accepted.

    • If you retake a promotional examination, the latest passing grade and exam date prevail.

    • Participants in the Upward Mobility Program may retain promotional eligibility for up to 6 years. Participants should visit the Upward Mobility Website to obtain more information regarding eligibility.

  • Does my promotional grade for a position title need to be valid and in effect on the date of promotion?
    • YES, your promotional grade for a position title you are targeting and intend to promote into must be valid and in effect (i.e., not expired) on the date of your promotion.

    • It is your responsibility to keep track of when your promotional grades for position titles expire. If your promotional grade for a position title is within six (6) months of expiration and you are still interested in seeking promotion to that title, it is strongly recommended that you submit a CMS-100B Promotional Application to the CMS Division of Examining & Counseling to re-apply for a new promotional grade as it may take several weeks to obtain a new promotional grade.

    • If you accept a promotion to a title and your promotional grade expires prior to the date of your promotional appointment, the promotion will be disallowed.

    • If you are unsure as to when your promotional grades for position titles expire, you should contact your agency’s human resource office.

  • Are promotional grades issued for all job titles?
    • No. Promotional grades are not available for trainee titles and certain entry level positions. However, a current state employee can request a promotional grade for any title with a higher maximum salary than their current position title maximum salary.

    • Before submitting a promotional application for a position title, ensure that the targeted title represents a promotion from your current position title. Contact your agency’s personnel office if you are unsure whether a target title represents a promotion. Any promotional applications received for titles that do not represent a promotion will not be processed.

  • Are there titles for which only promotional grades are given and only current state employees may apply?

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