When completing application forms, either type or use black ink. Be sure to fill out the applications completely! Applications which lack the necessary information will be rejected.

A separate application is required for each job title and test option. Established language options - such as the Spanish Speaking option – require only a single application for each title and option. The Information Services Specialist I & II and Information Systems Analyst I, II & III titles will be accepted with multiple options on one application. Your original signature is required on each application submitted.

The applications are enabled with "Reader Extensions", allowing them to be saved with the data entered. See the PDF Help section at the bottom of this page for help using these features. Adobe Reader version 8.0 or later is recommended to use these forms, download Adobe Reader here. You may also call or write to your local Assessment Centers to obtain applications.

Pursuant to Administrative Order #1 (2013), a new version of the CMS100 Examining / Employment Application is now available on the Work 4 Illinois website ( The online form is accessible for applicants with disabilities. Pre-printed copies of the new CMS100 application are also available at all CMS Assessment Centers. Please note that old versions of the CMS100 application are no longer being accepted and processed by the CMS Division of Examining & Counseling. Old versions of the CMS100 application submitted on or after March 31, 2014 will not be processed and will be destroyed.

Special Notice - Effective September 1, 2017 and after, the CMS Division of Examining & Counseling will only accept CMS-100B Promotional Application forms for grading that have a revision date of October 2014 (10/2014) or newer. Due to pending automation upgrades, CMS Examining can no longer accept and grade older versions of CMS-100B application forms with revision dates prior to 10/2014. Acceptable versions of the CMS-100B application form are found on the Forms page of the website. Older versions of the CMS-100B application received on or after September 1, 2017 will not be processed for grading or returned to the applicant.

Special Notice - Temporary Assignment Verification Form Acceptance:
As of the close of business, February 29, 2016, the CMS Division of Examining & Counseling will no longer accept temporary assignment verification documentation for promotional grading consideration unless it is provided by the central agency human resources office using the official Temporary Assignment Verification form found on the Personnel Workbench.

Special Notice - Discontinuation of Faxed Application Acceptance:
As of the close of business, November 26, 2014, the CMS Division of Examining & Counseling will no longer accept and process open competitive applications (CMS-100) or promotional applications (CMS-100B) submitted by applicants via fax. Any open competitive or promotional applications sent by applicants via fax by CMS Examining after this date (November 26) will not be processed and will be destroyed. Disregard information included in any job posting that refers to faxing an application to CMS Examining as this is no longer permitted. Applications may continue to be submitted to CMS Examining via the United States Postal Service at the address shown on the applications.

Employment Application - CMS100

CMS100: Fillable version for online completion NOTE: Internet Explorer is the required browser for downloading the employment application.

Promotional Employment Application – CMS100B

  • For use only by current state employees seeking promotion.

CMS100B: Fillable version for online completion

Upward Mobility Promotional Application – UMP100B

  • For use only by Certified State of Illinois AFSCME employees under the jurisdiction of the Governor that already possess the necessary degree(s) and/or licensure for an Upward Mobility credential or dual title. Completed applications can be mailed to Upward Mobility via the United States Postal Service. Faxed, scanned, and emailed applications will not be submitted for processing and will be destroyed.


Official Position Vacancy Bid Form

  • For use only by current certified state employees covered by the Personnel Code and agencies under the Governor’s jurisdiction.

Bid Form

Position Transfer Requests

  • Transfer requests are for current certified state employees only.
  • Completed transfer requests should be submitted to the appropriate personnel office for processing.

AFSCME Transfer Request
IFPE Transfer Request
Prevailing Rate Transfer Request

Change of Information Request Form - CMS263

  • The Change of Information Request Form is used to change applicant personal information, availability or county preferences that is currently on file with the State of Illinois.
  • The completed and signed form may be dropped off at any of the Assessment Centers or mailed directly to the address on the form. Request Forms can also be faxed to the CMS Division of Examining and Counseling at (217) 524-8740.

Change of Information Form

PDF Help

  • Adobe Reader Version 8.0 or later is required to use these forms with all the available features, download Adobe Reader here. Older versions of Adobe Reader may not open these forms or may display an error message when opening the applications and will not allow you to save your information. Note that Adobe Reader 8.0 is not available for computers using Windows 9X or ME and you will not be able to save your information.
  • To open a blank copy of the application (if it comes up already filled in), in Internet Explorer, click File, New, Window. A new window will open with blank fields. Some pop-up blockers may prevent the new window from opening, temporarily disable if necessary.
  • To save a copy of the file on your computer for later use, right-click on the link and select Save Target As, then select a location on your computer (like My Documents) to save the file. You can then go to your My Documents folder (or whatever location you saved the file in) and double click on it to open the application without needing to be online.
  • Helpful Hints when encountering problems downloading the CMS100 Application or any other PDF form