Sheep Barns

Sheep Barns


$400 Per Day

This North Sheep Barn was constructed in 1980. It is an open steel beam barn with a concrete floor. Numerous metal pens are available for sheep. Similar to the north sheep barn, the South Sheep Barn is an open barn with a concrete floor. It contains metal pens for sheep and is used for show and sales. Individual breed shows and national show and sales have been held here. Between the two open sheep barns there are 850 pens.


  • Metal Halide Lighting
  • 850 Pens
  • 5 Tables
  • Office Space
  • Restroom
  • Telecom Capability
  • Electric and Water Utilities
  • ADA Accessible

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Sheep Barns

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  • Auctions
  • Sheep Sales
  • Sheep Shows