Barn Venue Details

  • Goat Barn
    Goat Barn

    $300 Per Day - Barn

    This is an open-air barn that was constructed in 1980 and is complete with ADA accessible restrooms and shower facilities. It contains metal pens and is primarily used for goat shows.

  • Horse Paddock
    Horse Paddock

    $200 Per Day - Barn

    This large, barn-like facility was reconstructed in 1994. The facility consists of three structures, one of which is the VIP pavilion, that contain 74 horse stalls when combined together. They each possess a steal frame and a metal roof. Added conveniences include ceiling fans, office space, and storage space.

  • Livestock Center
    square footage icon  12,600 Sq Ft (1st Floor), 14,500 Sq Ft (2nd Floor)
    Livestock Center

    $750 Per Day - Barn

    This phenomenal facility was constructed more recently in 1992. There are two floors available with a flexible amount of space for livestock events, trade shows, and cattle and horse sales. It is also available for livestock auctioning.

  • Orion Samuelson Jr Livestock
    square footage icon  89,888 Sq Ft Up & 89,888 Down
    Orion Samuelson Jr Livestock

    $725 Per Day - Barn

    Junior Department Livestock Building was built in 1937 and dedicated in 1938. It was later renamed the Orion Samuelson Junior Livestock Building. The building is flexible for various livestock events. There are two levels to the building with 1100 cattle ties in the lower level and 765 pens in the upper level.

  • Sale Barn 26
    square footage icon  6,864 Square Feet
    Sale Barn 26

    $250 Per Day - Barn

    This barn has been on the fairgrounds since 1929. It is brick with a concrete floor. Windows are decoratively cast throughout the barn. Major renovation was done in 2002 replacing the roof, the floor, plumbing, and mechanical and electric systems.

  • Sheep Barns
    Sheep Barns

    $400 Per Day - Barn

  • Stabling Barns
    Stabling Barns

    Various - Barn

    The fairgrounds has 916 stalls located over 28 barns throughout the fairgrounds. The number of stalls per barn varies. All barns provide quality stabling facilities.

  • Swine Pavilion
    Swine Pavilion

    $550 Per Day - Barn

    This barn was originally constructed in 1912 and throughout the years has been rehabilitated in a manner that highlights its historical character. It is a mission style brick barn with a concrete tile roof and a limestone trim. Individual breed shows and national show and sales are typically held in this barn.

  • Tie-Out Barns
    Tie-Out Barns

    Various - Barn

    The fairgrounds has 1445 Ties located over 17 barns throughout the fairgrounds. The number of Ties per barn varies and barns provide first rate tie out facilities.