Premium Books

Premises Identification A Livestock Premises Identification number will be VOLUNTARY for livestock exhibition at all 2023 county, state, 4-H and FFA fairs in Illinois. Register a Premise​​


​Premium books are available on line in pdf format. To view these books you will need acrobat reader installed on your machine. To save these books on your computer, right click on the appropriate link and choose the save option.

Forms are also in pdf format and can be filled out on-line, saved then printed and mailed.

Illinois State Fair Livestock Drug Testing Q&As​

For specific information, refer to the Livestock Premium Book, which can be found here. Review Section 3 (page 19) of the Premium Book for information on violations for drug use.​​

2022 Livestock Health Requirements

To ensure the safety and proper treatment of all participating livestock. The Illinois State Fair requires veterinary inspection and certification with specific guidelines.


Illinois State Fair Livestock Drug Testing Sample Collection Form

Everyone who has to have their animal drug tested will need to sign this form and submit it.

Animal Medicinal Drug Use Clarification Act (AMDUCA) Disclosure Form

This form is only for disclosure of extralabel (not in accordance with the approved labeling) drug use in a market animal by or on the lawful order of a licensed veterinarian with a valid veterinarian-client-patient relationship, as defined by 21 C.F.R. § 530​. This form is not to be used to disclose drug use that was in accordance with the approved labeling. It is a violation of the Premium Book to falsify entries, records, or registration of animals. A separate form is required for each extralabel drug.

General 2022 

This is your chance to show off your best agricultural, floricultural, textile, and dairy products, as well as, displaying your culinary skills and artistic talents. Hobbies, bee culture and philatelic areas are also competing for first prize.

Livestock 2022 - (Open and Junior)

The Junior Livestock and Open Livestock Shows are combined together in one premium book. The Illinois State Fair will still be showcasing some of the best livestock in the country. Livestock competition for both open and junior events include; beef cattle, dairy cattle, draft horses, goats, sheep, swine, poultry and rabbits. There is also the junior horse show, 4-H Exhibits and the Land of Lincoln Breeders award. And the crowd favorite husband and hog calling. 

Horse Show 2022

(Western, Junior, Draft and Miniature)

Don't miss your chance to compete in this years Western, Junior, Draft or Miniature Horse Shows.

Society Horse Show 2022  DRAFT (August 8-12 & 18-20)

Different classes compete in the Society Horse Shows.

Special Events 2022​

Are you talented? Have an award winning smile? Or a quick or cute child? Here is your chance to shine. The special events office is looking for individuals and groups to show case their talents.

Marching bands, floats, baton twirlers, runners, weightlif​ters, fiddle & banjo players as well as diaper decorations and derbies will be featured.