2022 Vendor Applications

Thank you for your interest in the upcoming 2022 Illinois State Fair!

Application Process for New Vendors

To become a new vendor during the upcoming 2022 Fair, complete an application by clicking on the link below and return it to the Space Rental Office. A color photo or detailed drawing of your trailer and/or intended set-up must be submitted with your application.


Vendors should not submit payment or Certificate of Insurance at this time. This is only an application and submittal of this application does not guarantee that a space will be offered. If a contract is awarded, payment and Certificate of Insurance will be due by a designated deadline prior to the Fair.

Further information can be found at the below links:

 All submitted material becomes the property of the Illinois State Fair.


Selection Process

Exhibitors and vendors from the previous year are usually invited back to the next, upcoming Fair providing that they met our expectations and are in good standing. Return Invitations are sent out mid-December and are due back to the Space Rental Office by February 1st. It is at this point that new vendors are placed in open locations around the Fairgrounds. New vendor selection continues until all available spaces are filled.


Generally, we receive more new vendor applications than we physically have space to accommodate. Management reviews all applications taking into consideration size, electrical needs, type of product or services, attractiveness of booth/trailer, revenue potential to the Department and sanitation requirements. Vendors with unique products have a greater chance of being selected and placed in prime locations.

Return the application and photo to:

Illinois State Fair
Attn: Space Rental Office
P. O. Box 19427
Springfield, IL 62794-9427​​​
- OR -


If you should have any additional questions, please contact Kimberley Wilcox at 217.785.1980 or Kimberley.Wilcox2@Illinois.gov.