Food and Vendors

List of Food Vendors

A searchable listing of food vendors and what items they have available for sale.

List of Merchants

A listing of the merchants, what they have to offer and their locations

What's New

Every year the Illinois State Fair seeks out vendors with unique items. This year is no exception. Here you will find a listing of what is new this year at the fair.

Golden Abe's Fantastic Fair Food

Overall, there are nearly 300 foods available at 150 different food concessions throughout the fairgrounds. The following is an alphabetical listing of food entrants for the Golden Abe's. Vendors can enter the competition by completing the application form.

Vendor Application

Please complete the enclosed two-page application and return it to the Space Rental Office at your earliest convenience. NOTE: There are two (2) applications-one for INSIDE locations and one for OUTSIDE locations. A color photo or detailed drawing MUST be submitted with your application. If photo or drawing is not included, the application will not be considered.

Vendor Information Packet

The packet contains such information as; Vendor/Exhibitor Information Booklet, ISF Fair Administrative Rules and Regulations, General Housekeeping Information, Insurance Certificate, Certificate of Liability Insurance, Special Event Tax Collection Daily Reporting Form, Service Providers, and much more.