Tuesday, August 13 - Agriculture Day

 Events At The Arena

Tuesday, August 13

Agriculture Day is a discount admission day at the Illinois State Fair. 
Illinois agriculture, which is featured throughout the fair, is highlighted on this day. Grand champion junior livestock including the barrow, steer, wether, poultry trio and rabbit trio are auctioned at the Governor’s Sale of Champions, and the best of Illinois processed foods are auctioned at the Commodity Auction.


  • Auctioneer & Bid Calling Contest
  • Draft Horse Show
  • Cutest Little Farmer Contest
  • Governor's Sale of Champions
  • Truck & Tractor Pulls​

​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Tuesday, August 13, 2019 ITPA Truck and Tractor Pulls have been cancelled.  Ticket holders who purchased tickets through the Illinois State Fair Box Office (in person or by phone (217) 782-1979) may submit this rebate form, along with the physical tickets, to the address located at the bottom of the form. Tickets purchased through Ticketmaster  will receive an automatic credit back to the credit/debit card that was utilized to make the original purchase.

 Grandstand Events for Tuesday, August 13th, 2019

  • Why Don't We
    Tuesday, August 13, 2019 8:00 PM
    Gates open 1 hour prior to the concert.
    Why Don't We
    **Stage Side Pre-Show Party $30

 Daily Events

8:00 AMDuroc, Hampshire, Yorkshire & Crossbred ShowsSwine Barn
8:00 AMMule HalterColiseum
8:00 AMIllinois Farm Bureau: Young Leader Agri-Quiz Bowl State CompetitionIllinois Building
8:30 AMDairy Goats: Sr./Milking ShowGoat Barn
9:00 AMSouthdown ShowSheep Barn
9:30 AMRabbit ShowBuilding 105
10:00 AMAuctioneer & Bid CallingLincoln Stage
10:00 AMFloriculture ShowEmmerson Building Annex
10:00 AMBrown Sugar ContestHobbies, Arts & Crafts Building
10:00 AMAuctioneer's Bid Calling ContestLincoln Stage
10:30 AMFishing ClinicConservation World
10:30 AMAmerican Chemical Society DemonstrationsConservation World
11:00 AMElsenpeter MarionettesKids Korner
11:00 AMDraft Mare CartColiseum
11:00 AMHaflinger Cart LadyColiseum
11:00 AMBelgian Cart ManColiseum
11:00 AMPercheron Cart ManColiseum
11:00 AMHaflinger Cart ManColiseum
11:00 AMClydesdale Cart ManColiseum
11:00 AMBlacksmith DemonstrationsConservation World
11:30 AMHenson Robinson ZooKids Korner
11:30 AMMonarch Butterfly ReleaseConservation World
12:00 PMThe Rockin Rob ShowKids Korner
12:00 PMMain Dish Using ChickenHobbies, Arts & Crafts Building
12:00 PMFishing ClinicConservation World
12:00 PMPaul Bunyan Lumberjack ShowConservation World
12:00 PMMusicMiller Lite Tent
12:00 PMMusicCoors Light Tent
12:00 PMAvery KernAg Tent
12:30 PMHenson Robinson ZooKids Korner
12:30 PMAmerican Chemical Society DemonstrationsConservation World
12:30 PMRobert SampsonAg Tent
1:00 PMAfter CurfewApex Stage
1:00 PMThe Alley CatsEthnic Village
1:00 PMKasey BurtonMain Street Stage
1:00 PMThe Neverly BrothersGrand Central Stage
1:00 PMElsenpeter MarionettesKids Korner
1:00 PMShropshire ShowSheep Barn
1:00 PMCutest Little Farmer ContestAg Tent
1:30 PMKevin Lucas ExperienceEthnic Village
1:30 PMSwifty Swine Pig RacingThrillville
1:30 PMProfessor Longhair's Magic ShowKids Korner
1:30 PMFishing ClinicConservation World
1:30 PMPedal Pull CompetitionThe Shed
2:00 PMWilliam Mitchell IL Stage HypnotistsLincoln Stage
2:00 PMThe Amazing DobermansThrillville
2:00 PMThe Rockin Rob ShowKids Korner
2:00 PMBlacksmith DemonstrationsConservation World
2:00 PMCrop of the Day DemoAg Tent
2:30 PMTeam Big AirThrillville
2:30 PMKim Sheahan - StorytellerKids Korner
2:30 PMWorld Record Balloon Stunt ShowAg Tent
3:00 PMThe Alley CatsApex Stage
3:00 PMDennis Stroughmatt et L'Esprit CreoleEthnic Village
3:00 PM3rookeLincoln Stage
3:00 PMSwifty Swine Pig RacingThrillville
3:00 PMElsenpeter MarionettesKids Korner
3:00 PMChili-Chili Bang BangHobbies, Arts & Crafts Building
3:00 PMFishing ClinicConservation World
3:00 PMPaul Bunyan Lumberjack ShowConservation World
3:00 PMAmerican Chemical Society DemonstrationsConservation World
3:00 PMGreg RichardsAg Tent
3:15 PMRon Ferricks, China PaintingHobbies, Arts & Crafts
3:30 PMLiz Bentley LiveApex Stage
3:30 PMHigh Dive ShowCentral & Main
3:30 PMThe Rockin Rob ShowKids Korner
3:30 PMAvery KernAg Tent
4:00 PMWilliam Mitchell IL Stage HypnotistsLincoln Stage
4:00 PMWorld Record Balloon Stunt ShowMain Street Stage
4:00 PMThe Suburban MysticsGrand Central Stage
4:00 PMProfessor Longhair's Magic ShowKids Korner
4:00 PMSuffolk ShowSheep Barn
4:00 PMRobert SampsonAg Tent
4:15 PMBev Goode, Floral ArrangingHobbies, Arts & Crafts
4:30 PMSwifty Swine Pig RacingThrillville
4:30 PMElsenpeter MarionettesKids Korner
4:30 PMFishing ClinicConservation World
4:45 PMThe Alley CatsMain Street Stage
5:00 PMDan Rivero BandEthnic Village
5:00 PMAli Nicole BrowningLincoln Stage
5:00 PMTeam Big AirThrillville
5:00 PMIsaiah Christian and The Rebel SaintsMain Street Stage
5:00 PMThe Misdemeanor BandApex Stage
5:00 PMKim Shehan - StorytellerKids Korner
5:00 PMGovernor's Sale of ChampionsLivestock Center
5:00 PMMonarch Butterfly ReleaseConservation World
5:00 PMBlacksmith DemonstrationsConservation World
5:00 PMAmerican Chemical Society DemonstrationsConservation World
5:00 PMGreg RichardsAg Tent
5:30 PMThe Amazing DobermansThrillville
5:30 PMHigh Dive ShowCentral & Main
5:30 PMProfessor Longhair's Magic ShowKids Korner
5:30 PMRobert SampsonAg Tent
6:00 PMLiz Bentley LiveLincoln Stage
6:00 PMSwifty Swine Pig RacingThrillville
6:00 PMDraft Horse FourColiseum
6:00 PMMule Team Jr. DriverColiseum
6:00 PMMare TeamColiseum
6:00 PMMule TeamColiseum
6:00 PMHaflinger SixColiseum
6:00 PMDraft Horse Supreme SixColiseum
6:00 PMUnicorn Mule FourColiseum
6:00 PMPaul Bunyan Lumberjack ShowConservation World
6:30 PMTeam Big AirThrillville
6:30 PMThe Alley CatsGrand Central Stage
6:30 PMThe FreaknessBud Light Tent
6:30 PMGreg RichardsAg Tent
7:00 PMSamba LlamasEthnic Village
7:00 PMWilliam Mitchell IL Stage HypnotistsLincoln Stage
7:00 PMThe Amazing DobermansThrillville
7:00 PMRobert SampsonAg Tent
7:00 PMCaspers Country CustomsMiller Lite Tent
7:00 PMRogers & NienhausCoors Light Tent
7:30 PMSwifty Swine Pig RacingThrillville
7:30 PMITPA Truck & Tractor PullsMulti-Purpose Arena
7:30 PMBrandon LayGrand Central Stage
7:30 PMKaraoke by Hi-Tek Redneck EntertainmentThe Shed
7:45 PMThe Alley CatsLincoln Stage
8:00 PMHigh Dive ShowCentral & Main
8:00 PMWhy Don't We with MAX and EBENGrandstand