Veteran Driver's License

Since July 1, 2015 U.S. military veterans have been able to get an updated driver's license/ID card with the "VETERAN" under the signature on the front of the card.

This designation helps ensure military veterans living in Illinois who have received an Honorable or General under Honorable Conditions discharge receive the services and benefits for which they are entitled.

To receive the "VETERAN" designation on their driver's license/ID card, the veteran may apply for a new, renewal or updated driver's license or ID at any Secretary of State Driver Service's facility by providing a copy of their DD-214, Certification of Military Service (NA Form 13038), NGB 22, or VA ID Card or DD Form 2 to the facility. Former members of the Guard and Reserve who do not have any periods of active duty other than their initial active duty for training and annual training are required to present a copy of their certificate of release or discharge from initial active duty and documentation of satisfactorily completing the time for which they were contracted to attend monthly drills and annual training. Presentation of one of the following documents will be accepted as proof of service at any Secretary of State Driver Service's facility:

  1. Army or Air National Guard NGB 22 Report of Separation and Record of Service
  2. Army Reserve DARP FM 249-2E Chronological Statement of Retirement Points.
  3. Navy Reserve NRPC 1070-124 Annual Retirement Point Record
  4. Air Force Reserve AF 526 Point Summary Sheet
  5. USMC Reserve NAVMC 798 Reserve Retirement Credit Report
  6. Coast Guard CG 4175 Coast Guard Reserve Annual or Terminal Statement of Retirement Points.

    Veterans are encouraged to contact or visit a local IDVA office for assistance obtaining any of the above documents. You can fill out this web form to be contacted. You can also use this map to find your closest Veteran Service Officer or call 800-437-9824 for assistance.   

    The designation will be added at no additional cost for first-time driver's license applicants and driver's license renewals. If veterans choose to add the designation before their renewal date, they may obtain an updated driver's license for $5 and an updated ID card for $10. Veterans over the age of 65 can obtain an updated state ID card at no cost.