Infrastructure Investment Task Force

Mission Statement

The Infrastructure Investment Task Force will assess the plans for the design, build, and construction requirements for projects at IVHQ – and the other Homes, as needed. This Task Force will have the opportunity to think broadly and innovatively about what the future of care will look like for our Illinois veterans. The Infrastructure Investment Task Force will need to take into account the needs that our veterans will have in the next 5, 10, 20 years – and beyond. A final plan will be presented to the IL General Assembly with a request for appropriations to implement.

Infrastructure Investment Members

  • Erica Jeffries, Director IDVA
  • Nirav Shah, Director IDPH
  • Alec Messina, Director IEPA
  • Amy Romano, Director CDB
  • Senator, Jil Tracy
  • Senator, Paul Schimpf
  • Senator, Martin Sandoval
  • Representative, Linda Chapa LaVia
  • Representative, Robert Martwick
  • Representative, Randy Frese
  • Representative, Mike McAuliffe
  • Quincy Mayor, Kyle Moore