General Summary of Work:

Quincy Veterans’ Home (IVHQ) experienced an outbreak of Legionella attributed to poor potable water quality. The scope of the project is to mitigate various plumbing issues promoting the growth of Legionella at IVHQ and protect against the threat to public health. The scope of work includes repair, replacements, and upgrades to the domestic water system at the IVHQ in order to treat the water with chemicals and heat, and to eliminate non-circulating plumbing (dead-legs). Scope includes construction of a water treatment facility, redundancy capabilities, decentralization of the domestic hot water system in an attempt to provide 160-degree water to points-of-use, domestic pipe replacement/removal/upgrade where necessary, and providing a new domestic water service for the Campus (including removal of water tower from service).

CDB Project 040-010-105 (Level 1 Emergency)