Water Management Task Force

Mission Statement

The Water Management Task Force will review and assess an evolved plan for remediation of water at IVHQ. The remediation plan might include new plumbing, a new water source, new flushing protocols, new technologies for testing – or all of the above. The goal is to determine the most effective and cost efficient way to ensure we are continuing to provide safe water for our residents and staff. A final plan will be presented to the IL General Assembly with a request for appropriations to implement.

Water Management Members

  • Erica Jeffries, Director IDVA
  • Nirav Shah, Director IDPH
  • Alec Messina, Director IEPA
  • Amy Romano, Director CDB
  • Senator, Jil Tracy
  • Senator, Bill Haine
  • Adams County, Jeffrey Conte
  • Quincy Mayor, Kyle Moore
  • Representative, Dan Swanson
  • Representative, LaShawn Ford
  • Representative, Randy Frese