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Veteran/Military Legislation

 State of Illinois General Assembly

Inclusion of legislation in this report is for informational purposes only. Inclusion does not imply endorsement of, support of, or opposition to any particular piece of legislation by the Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs

2019 Illinois Veterans’ Laws

Missing Persons-Veterans (HB 04212) - Allows for the use of the Endangered Missing Person Advisory (Silver Alert) system for any veteran who is believed to have physical or mental health conditions related to his or her service.

Veterans Preference Act (HB 04288) - Allows all Illinois National Guard members the protections afforded to all other branches of the military.

Veteran ID Card (HB 04332) - Allows an identification card issued under the federal Veterans Identification Card Act of 2015 to be an acceptable form of proof required to verify an applicant for a veterans designation on his or her Identification Card or license.

Veteran Medical Record Fees (HB 04848) - Makes it required that a healthcare facility or practitioner should provide, without charge, one complete copy of a patient's records if the patient is an indigent homeless veteran.

MHDDAA-DHS Mental Health Professional (HB 04936) - Requires the Illinois Department of Health Services to allow a person who has completed a psychiatric training program certification from any branch of the United States Armed Forces with at least one year of experience in a mental health setting to be recognized as a mental health professional.


G.I. Bill of Rights Day (HB 04954) - Designates Nov. 4 each year as "G.I. Bill of Rights Day" in Illinois.

Veteran Spouses (HB 05683) - Expands the definition of "Veterans Home" to include any facility operated and maintained by the Department in the City of Quincy to include the temporary Sycamore Facility in Quincy for temporary housing of veterans from the Quincy Veterans home.

Missing Persons (SB 02278) - Adds veterans/active duty members of the U.S. Armed Forces to the definition, "high risk missing person" and allows for the use of the Endangered Missing Person Advisory for veterans who have mental or physical health conditions related to their service.

Veterans Members-Benefit Fund (SB 03191) - Allows the Department of Veterans' Affairs to make expenditures from a members’ benefits fund, subject to approval by the Director of Veterans' Affairs, for recognition and appreciation programs for volunteers who assist the Veterans Homes.

Veteran Spouses and Veteran Homes (SB 03193) - A non-veteran spouse shall have the same priority for admission to a Veterans Home as a veteran if they are admitted at the same time to live together.

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