Women Veteran's Survey

This survey is to provide the Illinois Department of Veterans' Affairs with information about the issues and problems that the Women Veterans of Illinois face while serving or after serving their country. The data provided in this survey will help IDVA to better serve Illinois' Women Veteran population. If you are a Woman Veteran who has not visited a Veterans' Service Officer (VSO) to see what benefits or services are available to you, please visit "Stand Up and Be Counted" to be contacted by a VSO or please locate and contact your nearest VSO on our Veteran Service Officers tab.

What branch of service do/did you serve in? RequiredCheck all that apply
What era did you serve in the military? RequiredCheck all that apply
The State of Illinois provides a variety of services and benefits for Veterans. For the following State of Illinois Veterans Benefits, please mark all or any that you have used. RequiredPlease mark all that apply.
If you have not used any of the services/benefits listed above, which of the following best describes why? RequiredPlease select all that apply.
For the following list of medical conditions, please check which ones currently impact your health status: Required
If you have NEVER sought medical services at a federal VA facility, or are no longer seeking medical services, which of the following statements best describes why not? RequiredPlease select all that apply.