Administrative Order 1 (2010)

WHEREAS, the State of Illinois is confronted with an unprecedented fiscal crisis that occasioned the passage of the Emergency Budget Act of Fiscal Year 2011;

WHEREAS, the Emergency Budget Act of Fiscal Year 2011 provides broad authority to the Governor to implement the fiscal year 2011 budget and address the unprecedented fiscal crisis;

WHEREAS, Executive Order 10 (2010) (hereinafter "Executive Order 10") assigns the Director of the Governor's Office of Management and Budget ("GOMB") the authority to issue administrative orders to implement reductions that are not specified in Executive Order 10;

WHEREAS, the Governor has instructed the Director of GOMB to implement specific reductions that would make a meaningful contribution to the State's effort to relieve budgetary pressures in State fiscal year 2011;

THEREFORE, I hereby order:

  1. All non-bargaining unit State employees are required to take 24 days off from work without compensation during State fiscal year 2011. The time off from work required here, and resulting reduction in compensation, is not considered a change in salary and shall not impact pension or other benefits provided to those employees. Each State agency is responsible for implementing a plan to effectuate this order.

  2. Each State agency shall track savings realized in accordance with this Administrative Order or with Executive Order 10 and report the same to GOMB in the reports required by the "Reporting / Benchmarks" Section of Executive Order 10.

  3. Nothing in this Administrative Order shall be construed to contravene any State or federal law, or any collective bargaining agreement.

  4. If any part of this Administrative Order is found invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, the remaining provisions shall have full force and effect.

  5. This Administrative Order shall be effective immediately.

David H. Vaught, Director
Governor's Office of Management and Budget
Issued by the Director: July 16, 2010