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Central Management Services, Department ofhttps://www.illinois.gov/cmsCentral Management Services, Department ofThe Illinois Department of Central Management Services (CMS) provides a broad range of programs and services to state agencies and the public. Our commitment is to ensure accountable, efficient government and enable effective public service at the lowest possible cost.http://www.facebook.com/pages/IOCI-Media-Services/299066286775296http://www.twitter.com/IOCImediaservhttp://www.youtube.com/user/IOCImediaserviceshttp://www.illinois.gov/cms/Pages/ContactUs.aspxhttps://webservices.illinois.gov/iisnewsrss/getfeed.aspx?AgencyID=12




Editorial Serviceshttps://www2.illinois.gov/government/CMS/editorial-servicesEditorial ServicesProvides a daily news clip service to all branches of state government. Additionally, Editorial Services processes and distributes news releases to the news media and other special interest groups on behalf of state government agencies, boards, and commissions.
Radio Serviceshttps://www2.illinois.gov/government/CMS/radio-servicesRadio ServicesRadio Services provides several news stories and plenty of raw audio each day about state programs and services, press conferences and legislative action. We also offer PSA production, CD duplication, voiceovers, live streaming of major events and other audio services.
Video & Satellite Serviceshttps://www2.illinois.gov/government/CMS/video-satellite-servicesVideo & Satellite ServicesVideo production services are available for remote and studio productions of state government news coverage, public service announcements, interviews, educational or informational programs, and official events around the State of Illinois. These productions can be live and/or taped, which can be available via satellite to TV stations.
Local Government Health Planhttps://www2.illinois.gov/residents/family-home/CMS/lghpLocal Government Health PlanLocal Government Health Plan - Benefits information
College Insurance Programhttps://www2.illinois.gov/employment/employee-rights/CMS/CIPCollege Insurance ProgramSite with information FOR STATE EMPLOYEES about securing health insurance coverage for college students in your family
Teachers' Retirement Insurance Programhttps://www2.illinois.gov/education/learning-resources/CMS/tripTeachers' Retirement Insurance ProgramInformation on the Teachers' Retirement (health) Insurance Plan
Become a Vendor & sell to state governmenthttps://www2.illinois.gov/business/manage-your-business/CMS/become-vendorBecome a Vendor & sell to state governmentLearn how to do business with the state and sell products and services as a vendor
Graphic Designhttps://www2.illinois.gov/government/CMS/graphic-designGraphic DesignProfessional graphic design + a low cost guarantee = IOCI Design & Publications. The wide range of services offered include media ad buying, hand illustrations, computer design, translations, banners, brochures, advertisements, websites and reports.
Enroll in the Deferred Compensation Planhttps://www2.illinois.gov/employment/employee-rights/CMS/enroll-deferred-compEnroll in the Deferred Compensation PlanEMPLOYEE BENEFITS site with form to enroll in (tax) deferred compensation plan
Website Creationhttps://www2.illinois.gov/government/CMS/website-creationWebsite CreationWebsite design and development is done in collaboration with the Department of Innovation & Technology (DoIT) Web Services.
Find State Contract Opportunitieshttps://www2.illinois.gov/business/manage-your-business/CMS/contract-opportunitiesFind State Contract OpportunitiesFind Current Contract Opportunities and recent contract award notices.
State Employees Group Insurance Programhttps://www2.illinois.gov/residents/family-home/CMS/egipState Employees Group Insurance ProgramInformation about health, vision and dental insurance for state employees
State Employee Pay Searchhttps://www2.illinois.gov/government/transparency-accountability/CMS/pay-searchState Employee Pay SearchGovernor's searchable transparency and accountability site that provides information about every employee's compensation
Sell Products / Services to the State of Illinoishttps://www2.illinois.gov/business/manage-your-business/CMS/sell-2-stateSell Products / Services to the State of IllinoisDuplicate of above (#39) STRIKE
News Release Archive Searchhttps://www2.illinois.gov/government/executive-branch/CMS/news-searchNews Release Archive Search
Information on State Seal, Song, and Symbolshttps://www2.illinois.gov/about/state-information/CMS/state-seal-song-symbolsInformation on State Seal, Song, and SymbolsFind out about the history of the State Seal, lyrics for the State Song, and what our state symbols are.
Buy State Surplus Propertyhttps://www2.illinois.gov/government/executive-branch/CMS/buy-surplusBuy State Surplus PropertyState of Illinois' online (Ebay-style) auction
Register, Become a Vendor, & Sell to State Governmenthttps://www2.illinois.gov/business/registration-licenses-permits/CMS/register-sell-stateRegister, Become a Vendor, & Sell to State Government
State Government Jobshttps://www2.illinois.gov/employment/find-jobs/CMS/state-jobsState Government JobsState of Illinois job postings and information