Emergency Management Agency
The primary responsibility of the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) is to better prepare the State of Illinois for natural, manmade or technological disasters, hazards, or acts of terrorism.

Radon Licensed Professionals List
IEMA licenses radon measurement and mitigation professionals to ensure they have the required training and knowledge to provide these services. This link enables you to search for licensed professionals in your area.
Emergency Management Agency Training Application
Training is critical for effective emergency response. This page provides links for training course registration and tracking.
Medical Radiation Technology Services
Employers can use this site to verify the current accreditation status of an employee who is a radiographer. Information on this site can be considered a primary verification.
Hazardous Materials Spills Searchable Database
Incidents involving hazardous materials within Illinois are reported to IEMA. Citizens can search for these reports by incident number, city, county, street address or date.
Disaster Response Volunteer Opportunities
In addition to providing assistance before and during disasters, volunteers can be utilized after a disaster or emergency for a variety of tasks. These links provide information on several volunteer opportunities in Illinois.
Radon Mitigation System Tags
Licensed radon mitigation contractors can order tags that are required to be on radon mitigation systems they install.
Medical Radiation Technologist Renewal & Login
Accredited radiographers can verify their information and renew accreditation.