Home Care Supervisor

​Step 1 - PRE-Training Videos 1-4

These videos were recorded in March 2012 by Diane Drew of CHELP in Decatur, PSA 5.
1:  http://multimedia.illinois.gov/aging/Aging-Host-Pre-Training-1-1.html

2:  http://multimedia.illinois.gov/aging/Aging-Host-Pre-Training-1-2.html

3:  http://multimedia.illinois.gov/aging/Aging-Host-Pre-Training-1-3.html

4:  http://multimedia.illinois.gov/aging/Aging-Host-Pre-Training-1-4.html*

*Please note that Client Injury/Death Reporting has been replaced with the Critical Events Reporting Application. 
*Elder Abuse is now Adult Protective Services. Please consult policies that have been implemented since 2012 as the correct method for reporting. 

Step 2 - PRE-Training Verification Form

Please utilize the form to verify that the Home Care Supervisor trainee has met all qualifications, training, and responsibilities to attend webinar and become certified.  Email this to Aging.Training@illinois.gov

Step 3 - HOST Registration

Homecare Supervisor Training (HOST) will be a WebEx link and not a GoToTraining link which will no longer be listed on the website.  Each agency will need to send the Pre-Training/Verification form for your new Homecare Supervisor Trainee to aging.training@illinois.gov  no later than 24 hours prior to the webinar.  These will not be accepted on the day of the training. No exceptions!

Once received and approved, IDoA Training will respond with the WebEx registration link to the manager who signed for the HOST Trainee.   If you do not receive the registration link, please contact IDoA Training by email.  It will be your responsibility to forward this link to your HOST trainee(s) and assure they register for and attend the training.  IDoA Training is not available to respond to emails or questions in the hours immediately prior to, or during the training.

Contact Aging.Training@illinois.gov if you have any questions.