Temporary Exhibits

"Spies, Traitors, and Saboteurs: Fear and Freedom in America"

March 27, 2020, through January 24, 2021
Spies, Traitors, and Saboteurs reveals nine major events in history when Americans were threatened by enemies within the United States borders. This exhibit depicts how the government and the public responded, highlighting the evolution of U.S. counterintelligence and homeland security efforts, as well as examining the challenge of securing our nation without compromising the civil liberties upon which it was founded.


“Return Visit” Sculpture

May 2019 – September 2020
We have two very special visitors at the museum – President Lincoln and an unnamed “modern man.” Together they make up the sculpture “Return Visit,” which imagines Lincoln returning and talking about his famous Gettysburg Address. The bronze sculpture by Seward Johnson stands 31 feet tall and weighs 37,200 pounds. (The two figures account for 17,200 pounds of that. The base makes up the rest.) “Return Visit” will be on display until September 2020.



All Aboard! 

2018.09.19.AllAboard-sm.jpgMay 10, 2019 – December 31, 2020
The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum celebrates the 150th anniversary of the driving of the Golden Spike, the realization of President Lincoln’s dream of a transcontinental railroad. The first floor of historic Union Station provides the backdrop for the display from May 10, 2019 – December 31, 2019.  Working in partnership with the Springfield Model Railroad Association, a working model railroad brings to life the construction of the rail line and the significance of connecting the United States via rail.  Scale models will depict advancements in United States railroad technology since then and will display the impact of railways throughout America’s history.