Area Source National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAPS):

MACT SubpartArea Source NESHAP Standard




Acrylic/Modacrylic Fibers Production
​ZZZZZZ​Aluminum Foundries
​AAAAAAA​Asphalt Processing & Asphalt Roofing Mfg
​Brick and Structural Clay
​MMMMMM​Carbon Black Production
​VVVVVV​Chemical Manufacturing Area Sources: comprised of the 9 following sources
Ag Chemicals & Pesticide Mfg
Cyclic Crude & Intermediate Production
Industrial Inorganic Chemical Manufacturing
Industrial Organic Chemical Manufacturing
Inorganic Pigments Manufacturing
Misc Organic Chemical Manufacturing
Pharmaceutical Production
Plastic Materials and Resins Mfg
Synthetic Rubber Mfg
​BBBBBBBChemical Preparations Industry
​NNNNNN​Chromium Compounds
​NChromic Acid Anodizing, Decorative Chromium Electroplating, Hard Chromium Electroplating

​Commercial Sterilization Facilities

​RRRRRR​Clay Ceramics Mfg
​NSPS CCCC & 62. IIICommercial Industrial Solid Waste Incinerators - CISWI
​ZZZZZZ​Copper Foundries
​M​Perchloroethylene Dry Cleaning Facilities
​YYYYYY​Ferroalloys Production
​OOOOOO​Flexible Polyurethane Foam Fabrication and Production
​BBBBBBGasoline Distribution Bulk Terminal, Bulk Plant and Pipeline FacilitiesAdditional resources
​CCCCCCGasoline Distribution, Gasoline Dispensing FacilitiesAdditional resources
​T​Halogenated Solvent Cleaners

​Additional resources

​EEEHazardous Waste Incineration
WWWWWHospital Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers
​JJJJJJ​Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional Boilers
​ZZZZZIron and Steel Foundries
​PPPPPP​Lead Acid Battery Manufacturing
​NSPS Ec & 62. HHHMedical Waste Incinerators - HMIWI
​IIIIIMercury Cell Chlor-Alkali Plants
​XXXXXXMetal Fabrication and Finishing: Electrical and Electronic Equipment Manufacturing

Metal Fabrication and Finishing: Fabricated Metal Products

Metal Fabrication and Finishing: Fabricated Plate Work (Boiler Shops)

Metal Fabrication and Finishing: Fabricated Structural Metal Manufacturing

Metal Fabrication and Finishing: Heating Equipment, Except Electric

Metal Fabrication and Finishing: Industrial Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing

Metal Fabrication and Finishing: Iron and Steel Forging

Metal Fabrication and Finishing: Primary Metal Products Manufacturing

Metal Fabrication and Finishing: Valves & Pipe Fittings

​AAAA​Municipal Landfills
​ZZZZZZ​Nonferrous Foundries
​HH​Oil and Natural Gas Production
​NSPS EEEE no Fed plan yetOther Solid Waste Incineration Units - OSWI
​CCCCCCC​Paint and Allied Products Manufacture
​HHHHHHPaint Stripping Operations, Misc. Surface Coating, Autobody Refinishing
​DDDDDDPVC & Copolymer Production
WWWWWWPlating and Polishing​Compliance Status Form
​LLL​Portland Cement

Prepared Feeds

​SSSSSS​Pressed & Blown Glass Manufacturing
​GGGGGG​Primary Nonferrous Metal
​EEEEEE​Primary Copper Smelting
​VVVPublicly Owned Treatment Works

​Reciprocating Internal combustion engines (RICE) - NEW

​Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines - Existing Compression Ignition

Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines - Existing Spark Ignition

​RRRSecondary Aluminum Production
​FFFFFF​Secondary Copper Smelting
​X​Secondary Lead Smelting
​TTTTTT​Secondary Non-Ferrous Metals
Sewage Sludge Incineration
​NSPS AAAA & 62. JJJSmall Municipal Waste Combustors
​YYYYY​Stainless and Non-stainless Steel Manufacturing (EAFs)
​QQQQQQ​Wood Preserving