Area Source National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAPS):

MACT SubpartArea Source NESHAP Standard




Acrylic/Modacrylic Fibers Production
​ZZZZZZ​Aluminum Foundries
​AAAAAAA​Asphalt Processing & Asphalt Roofing Mfg
​Brick and Structural Clay
​MMMMMM​Carbon Black Production
​VVVVVV​Chemical Manufacturing Area Sources: comprised of the 9 following sources
Ag Chemicals & Pesticide Mfg
Cyclic Crude & Intermediate Production
Industrial Inorganic Chemical Manufacturing
Industrial Organic Chemical Manufacturing
Inorganic Pigments Manufacturing
Misc Organic Chemical Manufacturing
Pharmaceutical Production
Plastic Materials and Resins Mfg
Synthetic Rubber Mfg
​BBBBBBBChemical Preparations Industry
​NNNNNN​Chromium Compounds
​NChromic Acid Anodizing, Decorative Chromium Electroplating, Hard Chromium Electroplating

​Commercial Sterilization Facilities

​RRRRRR​Clay Ceramics Mfg
​NSPS CCCC & 62. IIICommercial Industrial Solid Waste Incinerators - CISWI
​ZZZZZZ​Copper Foundries
​M​Perchloroethylene Dry Cleaning FacilitiesAdditional Resources
​YYYYYY​Ferroalloys Production
​OOOOOO​Flexible Polyurethane Foam Fabrication and Production
​BBBBBBGasoline Distribution Bulk Terminal, Bulk Plant and Pipeline FacilitiesAdditional resources
​CCCCCCGasoline Distribution, Gasoline Dispensing FacilitiesAdditional resources
​T​Halogenated Solvent Cleaners

​Additional resources

​EEEHazardous Waste Incineration
WWWWWHospital Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers
​JJJJJJ​Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional BoilersBoiler Area Source Compliance Guide

Boiler Brochure

Boilers Table of Requirements

Boilers Initial Notification Form

Boilers Notice of Compliance Form

Boilers Area Source Tune Up Guide

Area Source Boiler Rule No Action Assurance 2012

​ZZZZZIron and Steel Foundries
​PPPPPP​Lead Acid Battery Manufacturing
​NSPS Ec & 62. HHHMedical Waste Incinerators - HMIWI
​IIIIIMercury Cell Chlor-Alkali Plants
​XXXXXXMetal Fabrication and Finishing: Electrical and Electronic Equipment Manufacturing

Metal Fabrication and Finishing: Fabricated Metal Products

Metal Fabrication and Finishing: Fabricated Plate Work (Boiler Shops)

Metal Fabrication and Finishing: Fabricated Structural Metal Manufacturing

Metal Fabrication and Finishing: Heating Equipment, Except Electric

Metal Fabrication and Finishing: Industrial Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing

Metal Fabrication and Finishing: Iron and Steel Forging

Metal Fabrication and Finishing: Primary Metal Products Manufacturing

Metal Fabrication and Finishing: Valves & Pipe Fittings

​AAAA​Municipal Landfills
​ZZZZZZ​Nonferrous Foundries
​HH​Oil and Natural Gas Production
​NSPS EEEE no Fed plan yetOther Solid Waste Incineration Units - OSWI
​CCCCCCC​Paint and Allied Products Manufacture
​HHHHHHPaint Stripping Operations, Misc. Surface Coating, Autobody RefinishingAutobody and Spraycoating
​DDDDDDPVC & Copolymer Production
WWWWWWPlating and Polishing​Compliance Status Form
​LLL​Portland Cement

Prepared Feeds


Notification Form

Notification Form Example


​SSSSSS​Pressed & Blown Glass Manufacturing
​GGGGGG​Primary Nonferrous Metal
​EEEEEE​Primary Copper Smelting
​VVVPublicly Owned Treatment Works

​Reciprocating Internal combustion engines (RICE) - NEW

​Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines - Existing Compression Ignition

Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines - Existing Spark Ignition

Stationary Engines

Summary of Requirements Table

Additional Resources

​RRRSecondary Aluminum Production
​FFFFFF​Secondary Copper Smelting
​X​Secondary Lead Smelting
​TTTTTT​Secondary Non-Ferrous Metals
Sewage Sludge Incineration
​NSPS AAAA & 62. JJJSmall Municipal Waste Combustors
​YYYYY​Stainless and Non-stainless Steel Manufacturing (EAFs)
​QQQQQQ​Wood Preserving