2021 Law Enforcement Survey

​Note: The survey will automatically timeout in one hour if not submitted.

Illinois Conservation Police want to hear from you. The IDNR Office of Law Enforcement is conducting an online survey on outdoor recreation activities and the work of Conservation Police Officers (CPOs) in Illinois. Your opinions matter to us. Please feel free to participate in the survey anytime until Feb. 15, 2021. Thank you!

Activities You Participate InWhich of the following outdoor activities do you regularly participate in? Check all that apply.
Where You LiveWhich best describes where you live?
Preferred PronounPlease indicate your preferred pronoun.
Your AgeWhat is your age?
DiversitiesPlease check all that apply.
EducationPlease indicate your highest level of completed education.
Region You LiveWhere are you from?
How Did You Hear About This SurveyHow were you prompted to complete this questionnaire?
Duties of the Illinois Conservation PoliceHow familiar are you with the duties performed by the Illinois Conservation Police?
Contacted Conservation PoliceHave you ever contacted a CPO or been contacted by a CPO? If so, what was the experience?
Safety Education Staff DutiesHow familiar are you with the duties performed by Safety Education staff within the IDNR Office of Law Enforcement?
Importance of Attending EventsHow important is it to you for the Office of Law Enforcement staff (CPOs or Safety Education) to attend in-person events and meetings such as club meetings, fairs, sporting expos, etc.?
Importance of Using Social MediaHow important is it to you that the Conservation Police utilize social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for education and outreach?
Getting Information from Conservation PoliceWhich of these options is your preference for getting information from the Conservation Police about topics of interest to you?
Conservation Police Community OutreachHow satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the job the Illinois Conservation Police is currently doing related to community outreach?
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