Legal Counsel

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Illinois Department of Natural Resources Legal Counsel is responsible for providing advice to the Department on all legal matters. In particular, the office:

  • Coordinates the Department's efforts with the Attorney General's Office when the Department seeks a legal remedy against another party.
  • Reviews all complaints, pleadings and legal memoranda regarding any lawsuit brought against the Department in the Court of Claims and coordinates the Department's efforts with the Attorney General's Office in the defense of such claim.
  • Prepares legal memoranda on matters of law including the interpretation of statutes, administrative rules and other regulations affecting the Department and its staff.
  • Assists in drafting or reviewing legislation which affects Department policies.
  • Reviews and approves all legal documents executed by the director or his designees such as contracts, Memorandum of Understanding, etc.
  • Administers the Department's administrative rule program.
  • Provides legal counsel and assistance to all Office Directors and the various divisions within the offices.
  • Assists States Attorneys in the prosecution of criminal matters relating to the Department.

Legal Staff

  • Renee Snow, General Counsel
  • Robert G. Mool, Legal Counsel
  • George Sisk, Legal Counsel
  • Patrick Hahn, Legal Counsel
  • Javonna Ackerman, Legal Counsel
  • Scott Sievers, Legal Counsel
  • Ronald Fuhr, Legal Counsel
  • Virginia Yang, Legal Counsel
  • John Hosteny, Legal Counsel
  • Amy Wolff Oakes, Legal Counsel
  • John Fischer, Legal Counsel
  • Nicole Thomas, Legal Counsel
  • Ronda Brown, Administrative Assistant
  • Grant Gebhards, FOIA Coordinator