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State Water Plan Task Force



“For state agencies to develop a concise plan for addressing the water issues facing the state in an efficient and unified front.”   


  • Identify critical water issues
  • Make recommendations to address Issues
  • Implement recommendations
  • Revaluate critical issues and needs   

Public Outreach and Stakeholder Meetings

There will be 3 separate meetings held at different stages in the development of the report: 1) Identification of the critical issues, 2) Development of the recommendations, and 3) preparation of the DRAFT report. This will allow for extensive public and stakeholder input into the report development. 

Due to COVID-19 and restrictions, the first public meeting will be virtual. The public will be invited to review the list of critical issues developed by the Task Force and provide feedback to ensure that the project is addressing everybody’s most important needs related to water in IL. There will be three sessions at varying times to maximize public participation. Meetings will be held on Dec. 1 (10 am), Dec. 2 (2 pm) and Dec. 3 (5 pm) and will last about 2 hours. Meeting invitation link and login information will be forthcoming.

Future outreach meetings will be held in late spring and summer of 2021 to review the next stages of the report development. Those meetings will either be virtual or in-person if restrictions are lifted.
st register by submitting first and last name to dnr.owrplanning@illinois.gov)

Upcoming Task Force Meeting Schedule

February 10, 2021, 10:00 AM – at IDNR building, Room TBD or web conference
June 14, 2021, 10:00 AM - at IDNR building, Room TBD or web conferenc
December 8, 2021, 10:00 AM – at IDNR building, Room TBD or web conference

The focus of the next State Water Plan Task Force meeting in February will be a discussion about the results from the first Outreach Meetings and the Public Survey. Secondly, we will discuss the next steps in the report development and the format of the next Public Outreach meeting. 

Recent Task Force Meeting Details

  September 16, 2020   AgendaPresentation  Minutes , Video  
  June 10, 2020   AgendaPresentation MinutesVideo      
  March 18, 2020   Cancelled due to COVID-19   
  December 11, 2019   AgendaPresentation ,Minutes   
  September 18, 2019   AgendaPresentation ,Minutes   
  June 12, 2019   AgendaPresentation Minutes   
  March 22, 2019   AgendaPresentation Minutes   
Links are provided for the September 16, 2020 meeting agenda, IDNR presentation, and minutes. This meeting was held using Web-Ex so a full recording of the meeting is also provided as a link. During the meeting the Drought Preparedness Plan update was approved and the report will be republished. The format, dates and times for the upcoming Public Outreach meeting was discussed and resolved. The project schedule was updated to reflect the changes discussed during the meeting. Finally, the agenda for the next Task Force meeting in February was discussed.

The critical issues, lead agencies and contact information are shown in the table below.


Project Schedule

Identifying issues Phase

Oct 30 – Receive each Committee’s Issues slides (13) for public outreach
Nov 15 – Publish Presentation and Questionnaire
Dec 1,2,3 – Public outreach event on identified issues
Jan 15, 2021 – Close public comments period
Feb 10 –SWPTF meeting, discuss comments and next steps
Mar 8 – Finalize Issues

Developing Recommendations Phase

April 7 – Receive each Committee’s list of recommendations
April 14 – SWPTF meeting – discuss recommendations outreach
May 11, 12, 13– Public Outreach on report recommendations
June 18 – Close public comments period
July 14 – SWPTF meeting – discuss comments and next steps
Aug 31 – Finalize recommendations

Final Report Phase

Sept 8 – SWPTF meeting – Discuss draft report and outreach
Oct 11 – Receive each Committee’s Draft Section
Oct 30 – Combined Draft report developed
Nov 17 – Final Public Outreach on draft report
Dec 8 – SWPTF meeting – discuss final report needs
Dec 31 – Publish Report

(Outreach meetings, Task Force Meetings)

Current Activities

The Task Force will continue addressing the issues that they are leading. This may include any of the following activities.
  • Identifying lead individuals
  • Determining committee members
  • Researching previous and current applicable activities
  • Coordination with supporting agencies
  • Outreach to stakeholders
  • Begin identifying key problems to address
  • Begin developing recommendations for the key problems

State Water Plan Task Force Overview

An Illinois State Water Plan was first published in March of 1967 and was entitled “Water for Illinois, A Plan for Action”. 
In 1980 Governor Thompson appointed a Task Force to prepare a State Water Plan.  The current State Water Plan Task Force is comprised of the following members:  
The plan was intended to provide policy and program guidance in water resources management.  The most recent Illinois State Water Plan: Critical Issues, Cross-Cutting Topics, Operating Issues was published in January 1984.  Following this report, the Task Force continued to meet and publish several subsequent documents to continue the planning process and to provide updated information.  A list of published documents is provided below.


Published Documents

Reports are listed in chronological order. Bold indicates Original State Water Plan (1967) and major updates through 1994. Click on leftmost icon below for links to the reports. 

      Water for Illinois: A Plan for Action (Mar 1967)
      Plan of Study: Illinois State Water Plan (Mar 1981) 
      Illinois Water Resources and Use (Jan 1982, Special Report No. 1)
      Atmospheric Changes and Management Issues (Aug 1982, Special Report No. 2)
      Hydropower (Oct 1982, Information Paper No. 1)
      Inland Waterway and Deep Draft Navigation (Oct 1982, Information Paper No. 2)
      Illinois Water Research Needs and a Catalog of Water Research in Illinois (Mar 1983, Special Report No. 5)
      Drought Contingency Planning (Jun 1983, Special Report No. 3)
      Water Conservation.pdf (Jan 1984, Special Report No. 4)
      Instream Flow Protection: A Planning Standard for Illinois Streams (UNK, Special Report No. 6)
      Illinois State Water Plan: Critical Issues, Cross-Cutting Topics, Operating Issues (Jan 1984)
      Strategy for the Protection of Underground Water in Illinois (Oct 1984, Special Report No. 8)
      Lake Sedimentation Surveys in Illinois (Feb 1985, Special Report No. 9)
      Stream Sediment Monitoring Program for Illinois (Aug 1985, Special Report No. 10)
      Illinois Streamgaging Network Program: Related Studies and Results (Dec 1986, Prepared for SWPTF)
      Illinois River Basin Action Plan (Oct 1987, Special Report No. 11)
      Groundwater Quantity Issues (Feb 1989, Special Report No. 12)
      Biological Stream Characterization (BSC): A Biological Assessment of Illinois Stream Quality (Jul 1989, Special Report No. 13)
      Ground-Water Supply and Demand in Illinois (1991, Special Report No. 14)
      Illinois Streams Natural Resource Assessment (Sept 1990, Special Report No. 16)
      State of Illinois Response to the 1988-1990 Drought (Jan 1991, Special Report No. 17)
      Illinois State Water Plan: Remaining Issues and Implementation Requirements (Nov 1994)
      State of Illinois Drought Preparedness and Response Plan (Oct 2011, Update of Drought Contingency Planning Report Above)