Cedar Glen State Natural Area

2022-2023 Season


Introduction: The Cedar Glen State Natural Area (SNA) was acquired by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources in 2005, from The Nature Conservancy, and includes the Cedar Glen Nature Preserve (617 acres), Mississippi River Sand Hill Nature Preserve (45 acres), Cedar Glen Land and Water Reserve (270 acres) and the Prairie State Eagle Refuge (270 acres). Historically, this area was established to ensure protection of the bald eagle roost as well as other important natural features. This area also supports a strong population of white-tailed deer which provides excellent hunting opportunities.

Location: The site is located one mile northeast of Warsaw, immediately off the Hamilton blacktop, along the Mississippi River in western Hancock County.

Description: Over half of Cedar Glen SNA lies in the upland bluffs and consists of oak-hickory woodlands interspersed with hill prairie, savanna, dry barren, open woodland, various ponds and intermittent creeks. The remaining bottomlands consist of Mississippi River floodplain forests and successional fields. Two large forested riverine islands provide refuge for wintering bald eagles and a heron rookery. Active habitat management will be occurring throughout the year at this site. 

Total acres: 1,202             Water Acres: Mississippi River frontage      Non-Forested Acres: 140
Huntable Acres: 1,150      Forested Acres: 1,018

Season, Hours, Special Regulations:

Special/Rules Permits
​Deer (Archery)
​Statewide until December 15th
​Windshield care required
​Deer (Firearm)
​Windshield card required; See #4 below
​Deer (Muzzleloader)
​Windshield card required; See #4 below
​Deer (Youth)
​Windshield card required; See #4 below

No other species are hunted at this site.

Free windshield cards are required for species as noted. These are available online at https://dnr2.illinois.gov/windshieldcard/ . Hunters will be required to return to this website prior to February 15th each year to record harvest information.

Site Regulations:

  1. Three parking lots are present on the area (see map).

  2. All hunting is to be with shotgun, bow and arrow, crossbow, handgun, and muzzleloader.

  3. All bag limits are the same as regular statewide regulations: one deer per legal permit.

  4. Archery deer hunting and youth deer hunting: No quota; state permit required. All hunting ends after December 15th annually to respect winter eagle roosting activities.
    Firearm deer hunting: Quota of 30 hunters; special site permit required; issued from Springfield.
    Muzzleloader deer hunting: Quota of 30 hunters; special site permit required; issued from Springfield (second three-day weekend only).

  5. It is unlawful to hunt within 300 yards of an occupied dwelling with a shotgun, with slugs, or a muzzleloader. Be aware that several private residences are located near the perimeter of this site.

For more information contact Nauvoo State Park at (217) 453-2512


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