Embarras River Tributaries/Kickapoo Creek - Vesuvius USA

Coles County

On June 22, 2001, near Charleston, IL, Vesuvius USA experienced a factory malfunction that, in turn, resulted in the release of furfural and injury to natural resources. The aforementioned hazardous substance entered Cassell, Riley, and Kickapoo Creeks, tributaries of the Embarras River. IDNR biologists documented 100% mortality for aquatic flora and fauna within 9 miles of the tributary system as a result of this release.

An NRDA claim was made by the Illinois Natural Resource Trustees for the purpose of estimating injury amounts and planning for restoration. An NRDA settlement was agreed upon by all parties. The matter was settled in December of 2006.

In 2010, the Illinois Natural Resource Trustees implemented an in-stream restoration project along Kickapoo Creek near Charleston as compensation for injuries caused by Vesuvius. A final restoration plan was drafted and funds were utilized to implement the restoration project. To increase the project scope IDNR received a 60% reimbursement for this project through IEPA's Section 319 Grant Program. The overall effort included the construction of two rock riffles and bank protection/vane within 2,000 feet of the stream. The project is benefiting stream habitat and stabilizing the streambanks, thereby increasing water quality and aquatic life within the project reach. Pre and post restoration monitoring (biological and geomorphological) has been and continues to be conducted. A summary of the project, including monitoring results, is included in the Final Report for the 319 Grant. The project illustrates great collaboration by various groups working together to implement a restoration project and monitor the long-term success of the project.​​​​​