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If you are reporting an environmental emergency , please also contact the Illinois Emergency Management Agency at 1-800-782-7860.

You may submit this form anonymously. However, if you provide us with information on how to reach you, Illinois EPA can keep you updated on the investigation into the complaint. In addition, we may need additional information from you in order to conduct an adequate investigation.

Please note that your local or county health department may have ordinances or regulations which address: asbestos, septic tanks, private wells and lead paint.

Contact Information

Responsible PartyWhom do you believe to be responsible for the problem?
Nature of ComplaintPlease note: Illinois EPA does not regulate noise pollution. View more information about noise pollution in the navigation menu on the right.
Health IssuesHas the problem affected your health?
Doctor ConsultedHave you consulted a doctor?
Property DamageHas the problem damaged your property?
Employed By SourceHave you ever worked for the suspected source?
Claim Against Those ResponsibleHave you ever filed a claim against the responsible party?
Contacted and ComplainedHave you contacted the source and complained?
Will TestifyAre you willing to testify under oath at an enforcement hearing?

The Illinois EPA will regard your identity within the complaint form as exempt from public disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act. However, your identity may be discovered if there is any lawsuit about the facility that is the subject of your complaint.

Thank you for your help in protecting Illinois' environment!


Please submit additional information to:

Illinois Environmental Protection Agency 

Office of Community Relations 
1021 North Grand Ave. East 
Springfield, IL 62794-9276