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Registration and Attestation Checklist

Providers must ensure they have satisfied the requirements below prior to registration and attestation with HFS:

  • Medicaid enrollment is up-to-date

  • IMPACT user name and password

  • CMS assigned Registration ID (assigned when registering at the CMS site)

  • CMS EHR Certification ID (see the CMS Certified EHR Technology web page)

  • Auditable proof that patient volume thresholds have been met

If attesting to Adopt, Implement or Upgrade (AIU) of an EHR, has documentation to support AIU of a certified EHR product, which must be one of the following:

  • Contract

  • Software license

  • Receipt or proof of acquisition

  • Purchase order or invoice

  • Lease

  • Receipt for Training � evidence of cost or contract

If attesting for meaningful use, Meaningful Use Reporting Data template completed. Registration and attestation is done in the eMIPP web application. When using this system, providers must follow the guidelines below.

Minimum System Requirements

For best results, the computer used for registration and attestation should meet the minimum system requirements stated below.

  1. The recommended windows resolution is 1024 x 768.
  2. You must be sure you have a Java Run Time Addition (JRE) on your computer.
  3. The eMIPP system is designed to run on Internet Explorer 8.0 and above. 
  4. If you are using Internet Explorer 10.0, you can adjust the browser settings in order to maximize the eMIPP system view.  Open the �Tools� Menu and select the �Compatibility View� Settings option and enter the eMIPP system URL in the �Add this website� option. 
  5. The eMIPP system uses pop-up menus that need to be displayed. In order for the module to display these correctly, the user will need to ensure that the Pop-up Blocker is turned off.  To turn Pop-up Blocker on or off, follow these steps:

Open Internet Explorer, and then click on the �Tools� menu located at the far right hand side of your browser's Tab Bar.

    • When the drop-down menu appears, select the Pop-up Blocker option.

    • A sub-menu will now appear. Click on the option labeled Turn Off Pop-up Blocker.


After registering with the CMS Medicare and Medicaid Registration & Attestation System (RAS), providers must register and attest with HFS using the eMIPP system. The provider must be enrolled and active in Illinois Medicaid system to complete the attestation process.

What you will need to login:

  • User name and Password for the HFS Medicaid Login Portal

  • User name and Password for IMPACT

  • CMS Registration ID for the provider you are attesting

If the provider entry does not match with what IL Medicaid has on file, an error message with instructions will be returned.

  1. After successful log in to the eMIPP system, the provider is asked to view the Federal Information that will be displayed with pre-populated data received from the RAS. To make corrections to the information, providers must visit the RAS website to make these changes and submit. Providers will need to wait for at least one business day before these changes are received in the eMIPP system.
  2. The provider is then asked to attest to the Medicaid patient volume thresholds and EHR details including their EHR Status and EHR Certification number. Organization NPI is needed to include organizational encounters. For FQHC/RHC, Charity Care and Sliding Fee Scale encounters are needed in addition to the Medicaid encounters.
  3. Before submitting the attestation for state review, provider is asked to upload required documentation and electronically sign the HFS disclaimer page. 
  4. Upon submission of the electronic attestation and receipt of the required documentation, Illinois staff validates the attestation and adjudicate for payment. The payment is issued by the Office of the Illinois State Comptroller.
  5. Once the payment is disbursed to the eligible TIN, Federal CMS databases are notified by Illinois Medicaid that a payment has been made.

To access the EMIPP System: eMIPP web application

Note: HFS will be conducting regular reviews of attestations and incentive payments as part of the audit selection process, including risk assessment, receipt of a complaint or incorporation into reviews selected for other objectives. Providers should keep their supporting documentation on file for at least six years to support the audit requirement.


  • As of January 1, 2022, all attestation deadlines for the Illinois Promoting Interoperability Program have passed. Current program activity includes auditing, which will continue through September 30, 2023.

Promoting Interoperability Program for Medicaid (eMIPP)

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