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Provider Sanctions


Healthcare and Family Services’ authority to impose sanctions on individuals and entities is contained in 305 ILCS 5/12-4.25 and Illinois Administrative Code Section 140.16. Also, individuals and entities voluntarily withdraw from participation in the Medical Assistance Program. The effect of a sanction or voluntary withdrawal is that no program payment will be made for any items or services, including administrative and management services. Program payment will not be made to any entity in which a listed individual is serving as an employee, administrator, operator or in any other capacity for any services, including administrative and management services furnished, ordered or prescribed on or after the effective date of the sanction or voluntary withdrawal. Also, no payment may be made to any business or facility that submits bills for payment of items or services provided by such an individual or entity.


We advise that you do not take any action on a provider until you have verified their status with the HFS/OIG.
Inquiries should be directed to the


The following data file is the most current version provided by Healthcare and Family Services - Office of Inspector General.  All attempts are made to ensure the accuracy of the information. The Department is not liable for any errors or omissions. If a provider reviews the listing to avoid prohibited relationships, as set forth in 89 Illinois Administrative Code, Section 140.16 (a)(8), and the person does not appear on the listing due to omission by the Department, the Department will consider such in enforcement of the Administrative Code.
89 Illinois Administrative Code, Section 140.16 (a)(8)
Such vendor knew or should have known that a person with management responsibility for a vendor; an officer or person owning (directly or indirectly) 5% or more of the shares of stock or other evidences of ownership in a corporate vendor; an investor in the vendor; a technical or other advisor of the vendor; an owner of a sole proprietorship which is a vendor; or a partner in a partnership which is a vendor was previously terminated or barred from participation in the Medical Assistance Program.

Instructions for Sanctions List

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