Reporting Unemployment Insurance Fraud

If you are aware of an individual, and/or employer committing UI fraud, which includes but is not limited to the submission of false or misleading information, the holding back of any information in order to receive benefits for which a person is not entitled to, or the non-reporting of wages for employees, it is your duty to report it, in order to maintain the UI Program's Integrity.

 Did you know

There are consequences for committing UI Fraud, whether it is intentional or unintentional.  They are:
  • Federal Indictment
  • State Indictment
  • Fines
  • Incarceration
  • Both Fines and Incarceration
  • Inability to draw UI Benefits again until serving a number of penalty weeks
  • Repayment of fraudulent funds until recovered in full
  • Seizure of refunds or payments by the way of Federal and State Offset Programs​

 Contact Forms

If you know...
  • someone receiving unemployment to which they are not entitled, contact IDES at (800) 814-0513 or submit your complaints/allegations by completing the IDES co​ntact form.
  • an employer that is committing fraud or not in compliance with the Unemployment Insurance Act, call IDES at (312) 793-1920 or submit your complaints/allegations by completing the IDES contact form.

 Employee Classification Complaints

Employee Classification Complaint Form and Employee Classification Act (ECA) Mail the ECA form to the following address:
900 South Spring Street  Springfield, Illinois 62704-2725

Individuals performing services for a construction contractor are presumed to be employees of the contractor unless they meet the criteria specified in section 10 of the Employee Classification Act.

Contact number(s) - IDOL/Employee Classification information: (217) 782-1710.​​