Illinois Workforce and Career Information

IDES provides our Workforce Partners access to career development tools and career information resources targeted to the full range of customers. We also provide you with hot leads on the latest job postings so your customers can find employment fast!

Find the latest information on occupations, education, wages and much more by clicking on the links in the table below:

CIS Junior ​​

Explore occupations based on interests and find information about the world of work.  Includes classroom activities.  Suitable for grades 5-8.
Who's it for?
    • Middle and junior high school students​

CIS Plus

Additional premium features available for lease such as GED preparation, as well as ACT and SAT courses and practice tests.  Also includes optional career guidance Instruments.
Who's it for?
    • School counselors​

Illinois Career Information System (CIS)

Find information on occupations, education, and financial aid.  Use the My CIS Portfolio to create resumes and to plan both classes and career paths. The My CIS Portfolio saves your assessment results, favorite occupations, schools and financial aid sources.  It also provides access to Find Your Green Job.
Who's it for?
    • High school and college students;  adults​

Learn More Earn More

Learn More Earn More Report (English & Spanish)
Highlights occupations expected to provide the most job openings each year, organized by education and training requirements.
Who's it for?
    • Everyone​

Occupational Wages

Get informed on entry level, median, and experienced hourly (and annual) wages available for Illinois workers.
Who's it for?
    • Everyone​


ReNEW is for the experienced worker preparing for a career change or one who wants to get back in the workforce after layoff or retirement.  It features current openings, job search resources and retraining options.
Who's it for?
    • Mature workers and career changers​


For more detailed information, complete state and regional labor market data and current and historical workforce information can be accessed at Data & Statistics and Workforce Info Center.
Who's it for?
    • Everyone​​

Useful Links

Who's it for?
    • Everyone ​