IDHHC is an executive state agency that promotes education and awareness of the legal requirements for effective communication on behalf of people with hearing loss in Illinois. IDHHC is governed by eleven (11) Commissioners who are appointed by the Governor's office. At least six (6) of the Commissioners must be deaf, hard of hearing, or DeafBlind. The Commissioners meet on a quarterly basis at the IDHHC office in Springfield, Illinois.

IDHHC's core functions are to:

  1. Promote independence for individuals with a hearing loss;
  2. Increase quality and number of sign language interpreters and CART providers;
  3. Provide educational awareness regarding hearing loss; and
  4. Provide statewide resources.

What is IDHHC?
5 Year Strategic Plan
Enacting Statutes
Administrative Rules

IDHHC has a total of seven (7) staff. In addition to the Director, IDHHC’s staff includes the Assistant Director (vacant), Personnel Manager/Fiscal Officer, Legal Counsel, Office Assistant, Program Coordinator and Interpreter Coordinator.

Interpreter Licensure Board
The Interpreter Licensure Board consists of seven (7) members appointed by the IDHHC Director. The Board provides recommendations to the IDHHC Director on issues related to the Interpreter for the Deaf Licensure Act of 2007. More information on the Interpreter Licensure Board and the Licensure Act can be found under the Interpreter Licensure & Testing page.