File A Complaint

The Department of Labor processes the following types of employment-related complaints. You can visit any of the offices for the Department of Labor and submit a complaint in person. Depending upon the type of complaint, you may need to provide certain documents such as W-2, pay stubs, and/or any other supporting documents verifying the complaint.
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Fair Labor Standards Division

Conciliation and Mediation Division

​Legal Division

Illinois OSHA

Amusement Ride and Public Safety Division

Other Inquiries

Listed below are inquiries or areas of concern that do not fall under the jurisdiction of the Illinois Department of Labor. For answers regarding those inquiries and concerns, please contact the appropriate government agency directly. Contact information for other government agencies are listed below.

Unemployment Insurance

Income Tax Withholding (including 1099s and W2s)

Workers’ Compensation

Employee Benefits (ERISA/COBRA/Retirement/Pensions)

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Workplace Safety and Health (private sector)

Employment Discrimination

Union Labor Practice

Minimum Wage

Illinois Department of Labor enforces the state minimum wage. Some local units of government may enforce a different minimum wage.

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