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EmploymentAre you employed by the State of Illinois, a State public university, CTA, Metra, PACE, or RTA?
Complaint Against AgencyIs your complaint against an employee(s), agency, or someone doing business with the State of Illinois, CTA, Metra, PACE, or RTA?
Notified OthersHave you notified any other Federal, State or local agency of your complaint or filed a lawsuit or grievance related to these matters?
Complaint ResolvedHas your complaint been resolved?
Previous Complaint FiledHave you previously filed a complaint with the OEIG?
Related ComplaintIs this complaint related to your previously filed OEIG complaint?
Reveal Name in ReferralIf your complaint is referred, do you consent to the release of your identity as the complainant?
Reveal Name in ReportIf the OEIG conducts an investigation and issues a report, do you consent to being identified as the complainant in that report?
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