Training Materials for Local Government Officials

The following training materials can be used to help local government officials better understand the services offered by the Local Tax Allocation Division and how to take advantage of them. 

2021 Local Government Workshop Video

For those of you who could not attend a workshop or just need a refresher on a topic, the following video is from our WebEx workshop held June 16, 2021. The timestamps for each topic can be found below.

Workshop Video

Workshop Topic Timestamps

2021 Local Government Workshop Presentation Handouts

Presentation Handout

MyLocalTax FAQ Slides

2021 Local Taxing District Informational Handout

Since the workshop covers so many topics that are not relevant for most local taxing districts, the following provides an overview of information pertinent to these districts.

Local Taxing District Information

2020 Local Government Training Material for MyLocalTax

The following training material provides an overview of the Business District Development and Redevelopment Tax (BDST) and instructions on how to utilize MyLocalTax for verifying Business District addresses.


2019 Local Government Workshop Videos for MyLocalTax

For those of you who could not attend a workshop or just need a refresher on how to complete tasks in MyLocalTax, the following videos are from our Springfield workshop.  These videos are broken down into sections so that you can easily find the topic you are looking for. 

MLT – Registration Video

MLT – Home Page Video

MLT – Allocation Account Video

MLT – Rebate Sharing Agreements Video 

MLT – Allocation Remittance Report Video 

MLT – Taxpayer Listing Report Video

MLT – Tax Location Verification Video

MLT – Rebate Sharing Agreement Search Video 

MLT – Verify Tax Locations Video

MLT – Business District Account Video 

MLT – PPRT Account Video

MyLocalTax Tutorial (Updates coming soon)

Instruction manual for MyLocalTax which includes updates made to the portal, including how to submit an audit referral. This has been updated to cover common questions and comments that have been received since the implementation of MyLocalTax.

Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQ’s are a supplement for Informational Bulletin FY 2019-17, New Online Portal for Local Government Accounts and Training Materials for Local Government Officials.

Contact Information

For any questions related to this material, please send a message via your MyLocalTax account or contact LTAD directly using the contact information below.


Phone: 217 785-6518
Fax: 217 785-6527