What payment options are available if I am on a pay plan for my debt?

We encourage taxpayers on pay plans to take advantage of the ACH debit option. Using ACH debit eliminates the risk of late payments. However, you may use one of the other following options to pay:

  • MyTax Illinois - Our free account management program allows you to file returns, make payments, view balances, and manage your tax account.
  • Credit card (for Individual Income Tax only) - We accept Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express. Please note, the credit card service provider will assess a convenience fee. If you prefer, you may call (866) 490-2061 and choose the credit card payment option. If your payment is for a prior year, select “prior year.”
  • Pay-by-Phone - We offer an automated system that will assist you in authorizing an electronic withdrawal from your checking or savings account. The phone number for Pay-by-Phone is (866) 490-2061.
  • Mail a check to:
    PO BOX 19035
    SPRINGFIELD, IL 62794-9035

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