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Disclosure Form for Pet Shop Operators

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The following forms can be obtained by contacting the Bureau of Animal Health and Welfare at (217)782-4944:

  • C-24a Slaughter Certificate
  • C-37 Quarantine and Certification of Slaughter or Shipment
  • M-85 Notice of Quarantine
  • M-89 Livestock Auction Market Report
  • M-106 Weekly Report of Out of State Cattle Received
  • Z-5 Feeder Swine Dealer Report of Sale

The following forms can be obtained by completing the Animal Health Commodity Order Form:

VS-4-26 Brucellosis Vaccination Record

  • VS-4-33 Brucellosis Test Records
  • VS-4-33a Brucellosis Test Record Continuation Sheet
  • VS-4-52a Report of Back Tags Applies
  • VS-4-54 Brucellosis Test Record (Market Cattle Testing)
  • VS-6-22 Tuberculosis Test Records
  • VS-10-11 EIA Test Record
  • M-107 Report of Heifers over 6 months and under 18 months
  • M-120 Large Animal Health Certificates​