Illinois Products Expo at the Illinois State Fairgrounds

Illinois Product Events connect the best local food companies with dedicated buy-local consumers. 

From specialty cheeses, noodles, salsa, spices, rubs, sauces, seasonings, Illinois wine and beer, pizza, beef, pork, amazing cakes and breads to lip balm, honey, salad dressings – Illinois Product Events are the most delicious way to support Illinois' local food businesses.

If each of the 4.7 million Illinois households dedicates just $10 per week to the purchase of Illinois products, more than $47 MILLION would be generated for the Illinois economy in one week! Purchasing Illinois products provides a tremendous boost to local Illinois companies – many of which are owned by your friends and neighbors. 

In the unique environment we're all facing, our team has planned new and unique ways to continue and build relationships between Illinois consumers and food companies. 
Check out our upcoming events! 


Store Open February 10 - March 3

Pick Up & Delivery | March 6 & 7

We are committed to bringing Illinois food companies and consumers together, so we’re introducing the Illinois Product Online Marketplace! Purchase your favorites and find the newest local products. Sign up to be the first to access the Illinois Product Online Marketplace below. 

Illinois Store 

August 12-22 | Illinois State Fair 

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In Person Expo 

Dates TBD  

The Illinois Product Expo has brought Illinois food companies and consumers together for over 20 years! We know you love the free samples, discovering new products, relaxing in the Illinois Wine Garden, and stocking up on your long-time favorites. Once there are signs we can gather in a safe and responsible way, we’ll let you know the details.  Enter your email below. 



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The Illinois Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Marketing, Promotion and Grants is coordinating the events above.  For more information, contact Jackie Alexander 

(217)558-0788 or