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Title:Medical Disciplinary Board, Illinois State
Contact Name:Cheryl Sakris
Contact Title:Assistant to Director/IDFPR Board Liaison
Contact Phone:217.558.1422
Function:The Board reviews complaints against Illinois physicians for violations of the Medical Practice Act; conducts hearings and may recommend probation, suspension, revocation or other action of license.
Term:4 years, beginning January 1 of staggered years, and until successor is appointed and qualified.  No member to serve more than 2 consecutive four-year terms.
Senate Confirmation:Yes
Party Affiliation:No more than 6 board members from the same political party.
Qualifications:Must be Illinois resident
Compensation:Expenses; per diem determined by Secretary
Composition:11 appointed by Governor: - 5 Illinois licensed physicians licensed to practice medicine in all of its branches and possessing the degree of doctor of medicine. - 1 Illinois physician licensed to practice medicine in all its branches possessing the degree of doctor of osteopathy - 1 Illinois chiroptratic physician possessing the degree of doctor of chiropractic - Four members of the public who are not engaged in any way, directly or indirectly, as providers of health care
Chair:Chair and Vice-Chair elected by the board
Authority:225 ILCS 60/7

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Allen Newton, Grace1/1/20204/16/2010DemocratGovernorMember, PublicCook
Derick, Amy1/1/20235/6/2019RepublicanGovernorMember, PhysicianDoctorCook
Goyal, Shami1/1/20235/6/2019IndependentGovernorMember, PhysicianDoctorCook
Hancock, Darren12/31/20214/13/2018RepublicanGovernorMember, Chiropractor DoctorCook
Hofmann, Peter1/1/20208/16/2019RepublicanGovernorMember, PhysicianDoctorSangamon
Massey, Sarita1/1/20203/1/2010DemocratGovernorMember, PhysicianDoctorCook
Montana, James1/1/202211/4/2019RepublicanGovernorMember, PublicCook
O'Mara, Karen1/1/20237/30/2012DemocratGovernorMember, OsteopathDoctorCook
VACANT1/1/2022RepublicanGovernorMember, PublicNone
VACANT12/31/2021RepublicanGovernorMember, PhysicianDoctorNone
VACANT1/1/2023DemocratGovernorMember, PublicNone