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Title:Livestock Commissioners, Advisory Board of
Website:DOA Advisory Boards
Contact Name:Julie Ressler
Contact Title:Private Secretary to the Director, Department of Agriculture
Contact Phone:217.785.4789
Function:Approves the rules and regulations of the Agriculture Department pertaining to the prevention, elimination and control of diseases in domestic animals and poultry.
Term:Members appointed after 07/12/2010 serve 5 year terms.
Senate Confirmation:No
Composition:25 members: 10 ex-officio members; The Dean of the College of Agriculture, UIUC (Chairman); The Dean of the College of Agriculture, ISU (ex-officio); The Dean of the College of Agriculture, SIUC (ex-officio); The Dean of the College of Agriculture, WIU (ex-officio); The Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine, UIUC (ex-officio); The Director of the Department of Public Health (ex-officio); The Director of the Department of Natural Resources (ex-officio); The Chairman of the Senate Agriculture and Conservation Committee (ex-officio); The Chairman of the Senate Environment and Energy Committee (ex-officio); The Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee (ex-officio); 17 members appointed by the Governor; Representative of breeders of beef cattle; Representative of dairy cattle; Representative of breeders dual purpose cattle; Representative of breeders of swine; Representative of poultry breeders; Representative of sheep breeders; Veterinarian licensed in the State of Illinois; Representative of general of diversified farming; Representative of deer breeders; Representative of elk breeders; Representative of livestock auction markets; Representative of cattle feeders; Representative of pork producers; Representative of State licensed meat packers; Representative of canine breeders; Representative of equine breeders; Representative of Illinois licensed renderers; Representative of livestock dealers; Governor must consult with reps in the respective fields when making appointments.
Chair:Director of the Department of Agriculture
Authority:20 ILCS 5/5-525

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Austin, ConnieStatuteEx-Officio, The Director of the Department of Public HealthDoctorNone
Bailey, William CStatuteEx-Officio, The Dean of the College of Agriculture, WIUNone
Curtin, Thomas J.7/12/20175/11/2012GovernorMember, Cattle Feeders/Beef IndustryMacon
Drone, Patrick3/1/20205/29/2008GovernorMember, Livestock DealersFranklin
Dugan, LisaStatuteEx-Officio, Chair, House Ag. Comm.None
Eikman, Thomas3/1/20203/18/2015GovernorMember, Meat PackersWinnebago
Entwistle, Allen3/1/202011/19/2008GovernorMember, Beef Cattle BreederSangamon
Farrell, Phil7/12/20185/17/2013GovernorMember, Equine breederMacon
Fisher, Bill3/1/20202/25/2008GovernorMember, Swine BreadersChampaign
Griffin, Robert3/1/20202/25/2008GovernorMember, Licensed RenderersMason
Hadden, Dale3/1/20203/18/2015GovernorMember, General or diversified farmingMorgan
Hayden, Steve3/1/20203/18/2015GovernorMember, Canine BreederSangamon
Jurgens, Richard3/1/20202/25/2008GovernorMember, Livestock Auction MarketsMcLean
Kasbergen, George3/1/20203/18/2015GovernorMember, Dairy Cattle BreedersPiatt
Koehler, DavidStatuteEx-Officio, Chair, Senate Ag. Comm.None
Merchen, NealStatuteChair, Dean of the College of Agriculture, UIUCDepartment Head, DoctorNone
Miller, MarcStatuteEx-Officio, The Director of the Department of Natural ResourcesNone
Reid Blossom3/1/20203/18/2015GovernorMember, Dual Purpose Cattle BreedersSangamon
Rudolphi, Joseph3/1/20203/17/2008GovernorMember, VeterinarianRichland
Shipley, Cliff3/1/202011/19/2008GovernorMember, Deer and Elk breedersChampaign
Thompson, David3/1/20235/11/2012GovernorMember, Poultry BreederCarroll
Walker, PaulStatuteEx-Officio, The Dean of the College of Agriculture, ISUDoctorNone
Whiteley, HerbertStatuteEx-Officio, The Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine, UIUCDoctorNone
Winters, ToddStatuteEx-Officio, The Dean of the College of Agriculture, SIUCAssociate Dean for Research & Personnel Management College of Agricultural Sciences, DoctorNone
Zehr, Curt3/1/20203/18/2015GovernorMember, Pork ProducersTazewell
Zeien, Jane3/1/20232/10/2011GovernorMember, Sheep BreederBoone