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Title:Law Enforcement Medal of Honor Committee
Contact Name:Lieutenant John Thompson
Contact Title:Illinois State Police, Office of Governmental Affairs
Contact Phone:217.782.0132
Function:The Committee is responsible for developing an annual award program to recognize law enforcement officers, who were killed, seriously hurt, or displayed exceptional bravery or heroism in the line of duty. Working with law enforcement organizations in the state to design, develop, and procure law enforcement Medal of Honor; and selecting an appropriate date or occassion for the presentation.
Term:Of the appointed members, the sheriff and police chief shall each serve a 2-year term and the organization representative and retired officer shall each serve a one-year term
Senate Confirmation:No
Party Affiliation:n/a
Qualifications:none specified
Composition:4 members: 4 appointed by Governor; 1 sheriff; 1 chief of police from other than Chicago; 1 representative of a statewide law enforcement officer organization; 1 retired Illinois law enforcement officer; Ex-officio: Director, Dept. of State Police; Superintendent, Chicago Police Dept.; Executive Director, Local Governmental Law Enforcement Officers' Training Board.
Chair:Director of Illinois State Police
Authority:20 ILCS 3985/2001

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Brown, DavidStatuteSuperintendent Chicago Police DepartmentNone
Byrd, David11/1/20234/22/2022GovernorMember, Chief of Police (outside of Chicago)DeKalb
Calloway, KeithStatuteExecutive Director, Law Enforcement Officers Training BoardNone
Dye, Calvin11/1/20223/28/2022GovernorMember, Retired Law Enforcement OfficerBlank
Kelley, Mike11/1/20225/2/2022GovernorMember, SheriffMclean
Kelly, BrendanStatuteDirector State PoliceNone
King, Laura11/1/20223/28/2022GovernorMember, Statewide law enforcement officer organizationKane