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Title:Joliet Arsenal Development Authority
Contact Name:Richard Kwasneski
Contact Title:Executive Director, Joliet Arsenal Development Authority
Contact Phone:815.630.2800
Function:To facilitate and promote the utilization of property with diversified projects and land uses that will create new job opportunities and foster new economic development within the area.
Term:4 years, expiring on 3rd Monday in January, staggered years, until successor is appointed and qualified
Senate Confirmation:Yes
Qualifications:Members shall have recognized ability and experience in one or more of the following areas: economic development; finance; banking; industrial development; small business management; real estate development; community development; venture finance; organized labor; or civic community; or neighborhood organization.
Composition:10 members: - 4 shall be appointed by Governor, and be residents of Will County - 6 shall be appointed by the Will County Executive with the advice and consent of the Will County Board; (All members must be residents of Will county) 1 shall be a resident of Joliet; 1 shall be resident of Wilmington; 1 shall be resident of Elwood; 1 shall be resident of Manhattan; 1 shall be resident of Symerton. 1 shall be an At-Large resident of Will County
Chair:Elected by Board annually from members who are appointed by the county board of Will County.
Authority:70 ILCS 508/15

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Adler, Chris1/21/20131/1/2011Will CountyMember, At-Large resident of Will CountyWill
Becker, Mattie1/1/20155/16/1996Will CountyMember, ManhattanWill
Brophy, Tim1/1/201310/13/2011Will CountyMember, JolietWill
Dorris, Warren1/15/20075/1/1996GovernorMemberWill
Geiss, EliWill CountyMember, SymertonWill
McMillan, Wayne H.1/17/20051/16/2001GovernorMemberWill
Plese, Jay1/15/20072/13/2004GovernorMemberWill
Strawn, Walter1/1/20155/16/1996Will CountyChair, ElwoodWill
Strong, Roy1/1/20131/15/2009Will CountyMember, WilmingtonWill